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Got my iPod Touch! *With Pictures*

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Zwhaler, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Got it! The Pleasanton store had 7 16GB models. Here we go...

    iPod Touch in box



    First thing you see after opening the box




    It's thin!!

    The familiar backside

    Side view next to a 30GB iPod Photo




    The home screen


    Sorry for some blurry/rotated photos. I love this thing! Hopefully those of you who preordered (like me) but were unable to go to a store, yours will ship soon. And yes, that is a Digimon sitting on my iMacs stand :D
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    *is mad that none of the Apple Stores near Washington DC have them AFAIK*
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    fingers crossed that you dont get it.....oh cummon, you set up a thread 'Got my iPod Touch' before you have even set out to get it...:rolleyes:
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    CONGRATS man
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    Woah then my should be shipping by now?
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    thats really nice, have fun
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    Some people have said that their order said "getting ready to ship" while most peolpes orders have stayed the same. I cancelled my order and just ran to the store and bought it.
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    Quick question. Is the headphone jack on the top like the 5G iPods, or is it on the bottom like the Nanos?

    Oh yeah and awesome little digimon! lol 3rd season... oh the nostalgia!
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    It's on the bottom. Its actually nice because you dont have to flip it around everytime you take it out of your pocket. And it also does not have the recessed headphone jack like the iPhone (where only certain headphones work) this one works with all headphones.
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    Hrm... that'll have to be something for me to get used to. I usually keep mine out and in my hand most of the time or sitting in the car. I plan to get one when a model with a larger capacity is released. 16GB is too small for me. I'm one of those people who like all my music with me at all times.

    Thanks for the info!
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    Are you using a universal dock, or are you using the dock for your 30GB iPod Photo?

    If it is a Photo dock, does it work OK (as far as stability and video-out goes)?
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    I'm using the photo dock. I am not using it for video out, but it is fine in terms of stability.
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    hello everyone,i'm from China,I'm a apple sales.i like ipod touch so much,but it's so expensive.ipod touch is so beautiful,so thin.i want to shipping.but i dont know what time come to China,
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    Get it now? Or Later

    So I've been thinking, should I get an Ipod Touch now, or later (Mid-October)? Any ideas? Pros, cons of the ipod touch?:apple:
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    I got my 8GB on friday. It's freakin' sweet!

    Prof. :apple:
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    Taking way too long

    Being in Australia, I'm not sure at all when it's being released to stores... I've pre-ordered mine but it doesn't ship till the 28th.... So counting down the days!
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    Hmmm, the Touch may or may not be the big Christmas item this year. Keep in mind I have no idea if there have been Ipod shortages around X-mas time, but you might have a tough time getting a hold of one even a month or two before the holidays.
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    I would buy it now, because there is no chance of an update in the coming months. The only cons of the touch is that it doesn't have as many apps as the iPhone, but we all know that soon enough we will get all of em via hacking.

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