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got my orange shuffle, and it is gorgeous!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by student_trap, Feb 4, 2007.

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    just thought id let you guys know! i think that its a wonderful mp3 player, its tiny, and colourful, and i keep it cliped to my belt all the time so it takes up no space in my pocket! Having a deock is pretty cool too.

    i know a lot of people dont like not haaving a screen, but this thing is great for walking around uni with!

    pointless thread i know, but hey, i thing the shuffle is great, and in orange, is even better!
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    Got any pics? I wanna see what the orange looks like "in the metal."
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    I saw them in John Lewis yesterday. They look fantastic. The orange is a nice addition. I can see people buying them in several colours.
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    sure, they are a bit blurry (taken on my phone), the first one is it on my belt loop, and the others are next to various things on my desk

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    Congrats, we need pics :D Orange is my favourite colour so I'm really glad Apple realised it.

    Edit: you read my mind :)
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    Gotta Agree

    My sister has bought her boyfriend an orange one and i have to say its the nicest of any of the coloured ipods so far!
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    cool! I love it. orange is very fashionable. I have old 2G silver shuffle. like you said, it's decoration on my cloth all the time. :)
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    Congrats on your purchase.

    What's with Apple and colours? Why does all the colours chosen by Apple look gorgeous, but not any other company? :cool:

    My silver 2G is good enough for now. :D
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    I checked out the new shuffles at an Apple store and I agree that orange is the nicest color.
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    Oh man, Shuffles are awesome, I used to hate them, but with the new design and the clip, they are wonderful. Glad to see you like it.
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    OMG that is so sexy!
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    I'm definitely digging the orange! I just don't think it would go with any of my computer gear :(
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    The orange is pretty hot. Oh well, at least my silver shuffle matches my powerbook haha
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    it's hard not to be blinded by admiration and pride about a company with which we're all so impassioned. i love apple, and i love their new colors (my favorites are the orange shuffle and red nano). but can we forget the original gold mini? yuck! nevertheless, i <3 apple and i <3 colors!
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    just got my orange shuffle today too

    Here are some more pictures for everyone who wants to see what it looks like.

    The flash on photobooth made it a little brighter.





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    I'm not sure what the excitement about orange is, it's all about blue baby.

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    Hmmm... I think that orange and white go so well together. I wish they'd make colored fullsize iPods because my black one is so dull.
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    The orange is awesome! Also my favorite color. If they release a nano (or any iPod with a screen) in that color orange I'll definitely buy it :)
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    I had a theory they where going to use the colours of the old Apple logo but the Pink one throws a spanner in that one.
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    Anyone have green? I haven't seen any of them in person but the green looks real nice on my pc.
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    if i had to get one it would definitely be orange.. its been my favorite color since i was a kid... if you only any of the nanos were orange.... :sigh:
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    Saw the new colored Shuffles in the Apple store in Ginza.

    They all look very nice. Sweet!

    I wanted to buy one of each and rotate their use! :)

    Then reality hit so I will have to be happy with my original 2nd Gen Shuffle.
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    yum :)

    I don't like how the orange shuffle looks.
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    That would match my Tangerine iMac nicely. Too bad she's no longer with us. I'm ready for Tangerine computers again!

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