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got the 11" resolution / pinch 2 zoom etc...

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sillyrabbitt, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I am using firefox and for some reason i cannot get the pinch to zoom to work when browsing. it works with safari though. my question is how do i keep the text size a little bigger overall on FF or safari for all and every page i go to or is there a better practice to increasing the resolution for 11" MBA on every program i use. just a little bit would help.

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    you can set font sizes in preferences for both
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    to make text bigger hold command and scroll up to increase, down to decrease. It's because Safari is the only application that supports it. You'll have to wait for other browsers to support the new gestures.
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    thanks for the help. i went to prefs----content----changed font size but it didnt seem to do anything???

    i tried the control key and scroll which did the trick but only for that one tab or set of tabs open from the same site.
    is there a way to have increase for all open windows/tabs in FF?

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    Sorry I wouldn't know, but here lemme ask Google.

    Appears there is no setting for Firefox, but there are some addons to do that for you:

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