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Tablets Gotta hand it to Google

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by nStyle, Oct 30, 2012.

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    I have to admit that it is two years later, but regardless, the competition is getting heated, which is only a good thing for consumers. I still love my iPad 3 and don't see a reason to upgrade just yet but Google has really upped the ante and had now shown consumers what is possible for the money.

    Apple is safely hiding behind iOS and relying on consumer ignorance as far as "features". Like many of you know, the "features" Apple releases are things they think you should be able to do. They will have to revamp iOS eventually, and it is either going to be beautiful or ugly.

    I really don't understand Apple's logic. They make a ton of money on the device AND on the consumption side of things (software). I mean this is OKAY as long as they can get away with it, but I feel that their grip on this high profits on everything will soon fade away as the competition pours from Microsoft and Google.

    Now, to be fair, I don't feel that neither the Surface or the Nexus 10 are "iPad killers", but this is the first real true competitors we have seen so far.

    Competition is a good thing.
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    I agree the competition is great, but have you ever used a nexus tablet? I have, and personally it pales in comparison to an ipad in every way. App selection and hardware build.
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    Yeah I own a Xoom and Nexus 7...the 7 is better in that scaled phone apps work a lot better, but the app selection for android tablets is abysmal right now.
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    I think Apple will be quite content with the iPad and iOS are progressing.

    Seeing my 2 year old interact with my iPad blows me away. Other tablets are not even close to having this usability.
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    I'm not interested in Android on a tablet, but the prices are amazing. $249 for a 32GB and only $50 more for mobile connectivity? Awesome.
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    I think the shakeup over at Apple is a clear sign iOS is in some dire straits. It'll be really interesting to see what Ive brings to the "Human Interface." Will we see a radical UI change? I don't think so. So what will Ive bring that Forestall didn't?

    I'm excited, but personally, the boat has sailed for me. It'll take quite a bit of [gasp, dare I say it?] catching up on iOS' part to sway me away from Android.

    Plus, I just like the humility and humbleness of the fellas over at Google better. :p
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    That is your opinion and you're entitled to it but you obviously don't use or haven't used an Android device in the last year. They have come a long way. I use to dislike using Android for a number of reason but it has become a very stable alternative at a very respectable price.
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    couldn't agree more.
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    Have to agree and disagree. Whilst the Nexus 10 has a pretty hideous design, the hardware it runs including the screen is superior to that of the iPad 4's in every way.
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    Same **** different suit.

    Ive, Forstall, it doesn't matter. There's an entire team that all contribute towards iOS. It's not the product of one person's idea. Putting Ive in charge won't bring any radical changes I don't think.
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    I was only talking from a child's perspective.

    You can't say Android is easier to use than an iPad in the eyes of a child? Surely?
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    It's not - no way near.
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    sorry, I should have worded that better. I meant the actual build quality. The way it feels in your hand. The n7 feels cheap IMO.
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    What are you expecting for $199? You can buy 2 Nexus 7's for the price of one Mini. Cheaper might be a better word to use. You make the Nexus 7 sound like a piece of junk. I have one sitting right here and can tell you it is built very well. Much better then the price tag would lead you to believe.
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    Absolutely, the Nexus 7 doesn't look too bad, but the Nexus 10 is in a whole different league of ugly.
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    exactly...comparing $329 to $199....who would do such a thing :)
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    Well said and as an iPad and Android owner I want them both to thrive but IMO Apple has got rather annoying with their attitude that everyone sucks and they're perfect. Their lawsuits on the competition just piles on, then they grace us with iOS 6 with the atrocious Maps and removal of the Youtube app.

    As far as Google goes, they are playing from behind so you'd expect some humility but like any company who's the leader will always feel they can slap their logo on a banana and it will sell. I remember when Sony who like Apple became full of themselves said prior to the Playstation 3 launch that it would sell even if they didn't have any games for it or how the HD era only starts when they say so. :rolleyes:

    So as you can see it's not only Apple, they all do it until they get knocked back down to reality. It happens to all of them. I was concerned this would happen to Apple post Jobs and they've proven me right. They have basically alienated everyone even their loyal fanbase with some of their stupid and lazy decisions.

    Yesterday Engadget posted an article which sums it up best:

    Apple vs Everyone

    And according to Bloomberg Google is closing in on 700K apps


    And what's even better is that the N7 is designed for you to work on it. At least you can replace the battery without sending it off somewhere. ;)

    I think the N7 looks good and the build quality has gotten real good after the initial batch which had screen lift issues. That has been corrected.


    They're closing in on 700K per Bloomberg. :)
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    This is what scares me. Since when did we begin to gauge UI's and Operating systems on how easily a 2 year old can use them? I would hope that the brain had some kind of intelligence growth between the age of 2 and adulthood. I hear it all the time, how an OS is better because it is so simple a baby can understand it.
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    Why are you scared? The simplicity of iOS is remarkable and should never be used as a negative towards it.
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    majority of users don't have a clue how to navigate a windows computer or an android phone. Give them OS X and iOS and they can figure it out quickly. His point is the 2 year old probably knows exactly how to use the device, which is an awesome thing.

    why do you think iPad's have expanded into Education and not androids?
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    Judging by the marketshare discrepancy there, surely you jest?
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    i see it all the time man. look at all the BS steps you have to click through to find a setting in windows settings. my mom called me weekly asking how to do different things and same with her friends. They FINALLY broke down and bought Apple machines....I got a few questions right at the beginning but haven't gotten a call since. Has nothing to do with the market share at all. Ease of use is so much better with Apple products.
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    I can just see iOS in a couple of iterations.

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    I think what we've lost sight of is it's ok to have a stupid simple interface, especially for media consumption, but it's also ok to have a more robust system behind that also. If you never tap into that more complex thinking side then you really don't need much more than the ipad, just like that 2 year old, but it's nice to at least have the option.
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    What about lizards? ;)

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