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Gps app for wifi only ipad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by matt90036, Oct 20, 2010.

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    Does anybody know any good gps app for an iPad that's not connected to the internet outside of the house. The reason is that roaming charges are outrageous ousted of u.s.
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    The wifi only iPad does NOT have the GPS chip, but if you want a navigator app anyway, try Tomtom, it uses its own map and doesn't need internet connection.
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    it has a-GPS capability which doesn't require internet, i just can't seem to find an app that takes advantage of it.
    and TOMTOM is for iphone ONLY...
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    The WiFi iPad has NO GPS hardware/software or capability. You would have to have a 3G iPad to get GPS.
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    It has triangulation via nearby wireless connections, not through a GPS chip. The GPS chip is on the 3G board.
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    So how can I take advantage of it?
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    You must be continuously connected to WiFi's (impossible on the road or roaming about) that have been documented by Skyhook (I believe) or buy an iPad 3G (GPS). You can't take a orange and make lemonade out of it. You need a GPS receiver (iPad 3G or any GPS equipped device) to receive and use the GPS signals.
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    I think the title of this thread is confusing people. If you have a 3G iPad but want to avoid data roaming charges then you should be fine. The GPS in the 3G iPad works fine without a data connection although it will take longer to get an initial fix on your location.

    However the built in Maps App won't work because it downloads it's maps as you use it. You could try the OffMaps App, or something similar. This App works much like the Maps App except that it uses OpenStreetMap data and allows maps to be stored for offline viewing. The obvious disadvantage to this is that you have decide which maps you need before you go somewhere.

    Buying a full sat-nav App like TomTom would solve that problem and also give you directions. It would also be much more expensive.
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    If the OP does have a 3G iPad - which does seem to be the case since s/he's complaining about roaming charges - one way I've seen people use the GPS function with data roaming turned off is to load your relevant map in the Map application while you are connected to Wi-Fi. Then take a screen shot. You can navigate on that screen shot when data roaming is off. This does require that you know in advance where you will be needing to use GPS.
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    No i didn't get 3G iPad. I have wifi only. I still would like to use it's location awareness services with an app that would act as a sort of rough gps.
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    That can't happen unless you are connected to Wi-Fi. YOu can prove this to yourself by turning off Wi-Fi and then trying to use any location-aware app.

    I'm not sure why you are worried about data roaming charges, though. That's not an issue if you aren't on a cell network anyway.
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    So ipad cannot tell me where I am located based on 5-10 wireless networks it detects? It has to connect to it???
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    It not that the iPad has to connect to a network to find out where it is. The problem is that the database that lists where each wireless network is is located on the internet. Hence you need some sort of data connection to access it.

    The iPad may still be useful to you, people have been using maps without the help of GPS for a long time now...
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    i know, i wanted mostly to use my ipad when i am taking a walk in a new place. last time i went for a 2 hour walk in San Francisco and my GPS not only could not connect to the satellites but it didn't even display a map.
    i got myself iPad and offmaps now. I like having the ability to look at the map while i am not connected to the internet however one thing that offmaps is missing is the ability to search for street names. with location awareness this problem would have been solved but now that I know such thing is impossible it might be very hard to find your own location on the map. i will get myself a 3G portable router with $40 a month of unlimited data so this problem will be solved in the U.S. however when i am in Europe i will be back to the same issue.

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