GPS (sorta) on iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Gizmodo points out a new 3rd party application that has appeared on


    Navizon uses cell phone towers to pinpoint your location (within a few hundred yards) and is able to push those coordinates to the Google Maps application.

    The result? Free GPS(ish) functionality on the iPhone.

    Article Link
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    i hope they get it working well, that would be awesome :)
  3. JC4
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    I like it! Beats the hell out of typing in the current location.

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    I don't have an iPhone, but whoa :eek:
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    Sitting in my house, looks like the massive cell tower outside my window isn't "Known" yet since it can't locate me....bummer.
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    This is awesome. It is apps like this that are going to make me end up hacking my phone. I hope Apple sees that this is a possibility and creates something like this.
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    I just installed this, but all I get when running it is the message: "Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range".

    I'm in a fairly highly populated suburb of LA right now, so nowhere obscure. I guess their coverage isn't 100%
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    I installed Navizon this morning. I registered (quick and easy).

    But, haven't been able to get it to work. I keep getting "Unable to Locate - Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range."

    I was on WiFi and had good service. I get lost a lot, I could really use this.

    Edit : (Guess I'm not the only one.)
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    Can't locate me... damn it... I am using WiFi and Cell...
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    I got this thing working as soon as I read the post on Gizmodo a few hours ago, but when I hit "Locate" it thinks I'm in North Hollywood, California! Strangely, it would have been accurate a year and a half ago when I actually lived there... no idea how it found that location instead of Uniontown, Ohio where I actually am right now! :eek:
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    GPS app

    Just release a dam GPS app already. Team up with Garmin or TOMTOM, this is the only thing stopping me from getting an iPhone
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    It won't get my location from my office (full signal) but when I step outside, it gets it right away, right down to the cross street.
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    Works great for me. The little push-pin landed right outside my front door.
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    Clive At Five

    Wow, whoever did this beat even Geohot to the punch. Granted he did say he was going to spend less time on the iPhone and more time on college.

    His GSM project Blog. Not much progress yet.

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    Spanky Deluxe

    It would need to have signal to more than one tower for it to be able to triangulate. Maybe its not working for some of you folk because you're not connected to enough towers. Just a theory mind you!! Or maybe the tower's locations have to be manually programmed into the software. ??
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    After about two minutes of searching, it found nothing.

    I live minutes from downtown Portland, OR.
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    Bummer :(

    Would LOVE to see real GPS on this cutie.

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    lol people, there are obviously bugs...its a first release. Give it an update or two and Im sure they will have it working good.

    Sheesh :rolleyes:

    PS. I get the same "unable to locate" error too.

    Keep in mind that the user name/pw are case sensitive.
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    Exactly what I thought. I just found it while being bored and looking through It's a great app (if and when it works).
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    Appears to not work in Raleigh, NC...

    Anybody know how to get on the team with navizon to contribute locations of towers?....

    furthermore, how do you determine where a tower is for your company?!
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    does it work for the ipod touch?

    this may be a dumb question - but does the and this gps thing work for the ipod touch or are they still working on hacks for that since it's still new. just curious..
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    im at the university of colorado-boulder and it doesnt work
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    Real GPS?

    This is helpful and there is no reason that Apple couldn't update the iPhone to add this feature (if they wanted to). I would prefer they open up the bluetooth function to permit the use of the small bluetooth receivers that are available. With an accurate "you are here" locater in Google Maps you would have a really useful simple GPS. Turn by turn voice directions are nice, but not really necessary.
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    Seems to work very well here... (Colorado Springs, CO)

    FWIW, this will get better as time goes on.. the Navizon software uses a database of cellphone towers and WiFi bases that have been submitted via users with GPS units... So if no one has 'logged' your area yet, you're not going to get any results ;)

    If you have a GPS and navizon capable device (See for details...) you can help out and get paid for it too!
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    same error message here. I have just updated my area for coverage on there site, so i will see if this makes a difference. hope they fix this soon.:apple:

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