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'Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars' Released for iPhone and iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 17, 2010.

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    TouchArcade reports that Rockstar games has released Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the iPhone and iPod Touch this evening.
    Grand Theft Auto is an incredibly popular gaming franchise that was originally released for PCs and has since been brought to console platforms including handheld devices such as the DS and PSP. The iPhone version represents the first iPhone game coming from Rockstar games.

    TouchArcade has first impressions as well as this gameplay video:


    Article Link: 'Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars' Released for iPhone and iPod Touch
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    Downloading it now. It looks promising. :D
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    Really nice demo...
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    Arrow right and left to steer the car?! Controller FAIL!
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    Thank God it didn't get rejected!
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    I'm pretty sure Beaterator is also from Rockstar, unless you just meant the first GTA game.
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    Yeah, it really looks painful to control. I'll stick with the DS version as that was the system the game was intended for.
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    So much for all the 'iPhone has better graphics capabilities than the PSP' talk, i'm still waiting for a game with that visual wow=factor.
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    The absolute most racist opening music ever. O_O
    Do the CG fat fingers also come wit the app? :p

    What they need to do is release the original GTA2.
    Cooooooop Kill'a!
    Elvis has LEFT the building!

    THAT would be an instant hit.
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    you can use a virtual joystick as well, just like for walking
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    A mighty fine game, I recommend those without a DS or PSP to get it (so long as the controls are good on this one). I bought the DS one last year and it's a massive time sink. Enjoy it more than the console version of GTAIV!
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    Is the dialogue subtitled?
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    It's only subtitled. There is no voice acting in the game.
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    Also: you/they should have taken that screenshot a minute later.
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    I'm venting the same anger too. Why they can't port say, the PSP version of Vice City.

    Instead we have a game with controls that resemble GTA 1. :mad:
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    Thanks for that. I do like sandbox games, might check it out. Do prefer them on a bigger screen though.
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    I agree. Gangstar is the best GTA type game to date for the iPhone.
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    I have Gangstar and CarJack - both are nice, but take a bit of time to get into.

    CarJack is top-down, and really reminds me of the old GTA. Gangstar is 3D and pretty nice, and has more of that 'ignore goals and explore stuff' feel to me.
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    Maybe because Chinatown Wars is better than any of the prior PSP games by a long-shot? And better than the over-rated GTA 4 as well ...
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    Vice City Stories for PSP wouldn't run on the iPhone I don't think. Gangstar looks more like Driver (from the PS1) while VCS uses the same city as the PS2 version of Vice City.

    You can see the difference:

    VCS: http://media.gtanet.com/images/2979.jpg
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    mac 2005

    Yes, the availability of a game simulating theft, murder and mayhem is, indeed, a miracle. :eek:
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    GTA faaail

    I just spent 30 minutes playing it and I'm sorry to say that this game su#ks. The graphics are below standard. Personally I think that you can't just port a game, it needs to be written specifically for the iphone.

    I played Gangster before and I like its user interface, but I thought that once gta comes out for the iphone it will be an upgrade of grapichs and better gameplay. Well I was wrong.

    What I don't like most is the camera. It seems to be far away and the gameplay doesn't feel 3D at all. When driving, it feels like you're playing one of those facebook flash games.

    Just my opinion ppl,
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    but by a long shot, this looks like a way better comparison than this new gta for iphone. seems like rockstar is going backwards.
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    but by a long shot, this looks like a way better comparison than this new gta for iphone. seems like rockstar is going backwards.
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    So what about gameplay, worth the money? I don't care too much about graphics on such a constrained device (Unless it's absolutely horrible).

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