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'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' Arrives for iOS

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Rockstar Games has released the iOS port of their blockbuster hit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City tonight. It's essentially the same game you played in 2002 but with touch enhancements.

    Our sister site TouchArcade has a walkthrough video of the game that shows off some of the gameplay on iOS.
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is available on the App Store for $4.99. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' Arrives for iOS
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    No iPad? :(
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    It's a universal app. So yes iPad.
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    Onscreen keyboard is always in front of the game blocking some control buttons... IOS 6.01/iPad 3rd Gen
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    Been waiting for this - GTAIII was probably the best game I purchased for my iOS devices, it provides almost unlimited entertainment for only $6.49 :)


    Yeah, it works on all iOS devices - My friend played GTAIII on his iPad 1.
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    Had the same problem. Reinstalled the app a few times but this keyboard glitch still appeared. To fix it close the game then go to the spotlight search area and dock and merge the keyboard then you should be able to relaunch the game without the keyboard being in the way.
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    This is probably the game that I've spent the most time playing ever. However I doubt I'd play it again. I've bought GTA III once it had launched and never actually played it :). Nevertheless happy to see quality games like this coming to iOS.
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    No widescreen?

    Why is the game full screen (4:3) and not 16:9? The PS2 version had 16:9 support.
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    For something like iPhone or iPad, GTA VC obviously leaves too many things to be done. Some missions are ridiculously difficult to be solved using proper controller/keyboard, and now it's full touch control.

    Not to mention it has so many challenge, collectibles and unlockables. It was fun, In fact I completed the whole game 100% but I just can't do it anymore on an iPad.

    Yeah.. Expect nothin less than just brag off that my iOS device have Vice City
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    Indeed, that's always the biggest challenge for any game that is ported to iOS and coming from a different platform. Touch controls sometimes just can't do the job for games that made for mouse and - lots of - keys. They do shine, though, in games made for touch devices in the first place.
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    It has 5 stars out of 5 in the app store. Must be pretty good the game :)
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    I would like to get it, but touch control aiming was just too frustrating with GTA III (driving and the rest was fine). I doubt they made it better with Vice City.
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    What device are you playing on?

    iPhone 5 has widescreen.
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    Well the iPad isn't listed under "requirements" so I assumed it wouldn't work but it does. I completed GTA 3 so this came out just in time :D
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    2002??? Holy cow! Is it that old? I am getting old, time just zooms by! :eek:
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    Given your early Workbench shell icon avatar I'd guess you've been getting old for a while. :) (I totally relate, haha)

    In other news, GTA5 is looking lovely.
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    IMO GTAIII was sweet as with touch controls, and so far Vice City seems to be as well... They didn't a pretty good implementation. Certainly wasn't half-assed.
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    Just played it for around 49 minutes on my iPhone 5. It is fullscreen and the controls are a bit better I think than GTA3.
    God that gorgeous soundtracks. This game diserves a buy for the music only !
    Time to put the entire OST on my iPod.
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    If Rockstar is going to stick to its 10th anniversary editions, we might see San Andreas coming in 2014. Yeah!

    In the meantime, lets enjoy Vice City ;) Such a shame there's no multiplayer (i know that it was the same with the original vice city...)
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    How awesome!

    I remember I had this on PS2, I got through over 11 discs! I wore this game out...bad.

    The only game that tops this...is San Andreas.
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    Did you even watch the video?

    The game IS 16:9 - its just the cutscenes that run at 4:3 or letterbox

    It's based on the PC version, which had way better graphic abilities than the PS2 version.
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    Could you be more specific with the amount of time you played? ;)
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    Is there a bluetooth controller or something like it that would work with this instead of touch control? That would rock!
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    HATE virtual controls.
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    They've really paid attention to the shortcomings of GTA III touch controls. I've gone and collected all the hidden packages in a helicopter before the first mission and it handles beautifully. :)

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