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Graphic card PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by FloEppo, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Hi guys,
    I'm new to this forum (therefore I say hi to all of you). Hope not to bother you much. Here are two short questions from me:
    1.Where can I find a list with compatible hardware vs Mac model?
    2.Will GeForce 6200 A be compatible with my system?

    My system specs : PowerMac G4 933Mhz Quicksilver , 10.4.3 , 1.5 GB RAM , 17" Apple display

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I may open a new thread in order to know what CPU upgrade is possible in my case.
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    The closest thing to a list would be a place like www.xlr8yourmac.com which reviews and catalogs upgrades.

    No. There is no Mac version of the Geforce 6200. The current compatible cards for the Quicksilver are the retail Radeon 9800 Mac Pro Edition (NOT the Special Edition - you may want to check the part number with AMD's site), the Radeon 9600 Pro for the Mac (although it seems it's hit and miss with this card according to http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/feedback/9600_mac_pc_edition.html ), and a few OEM cards like the OEM Radeon 8500 for the Mac.

    Of course you could try flashing a PC version of a compatible Mac card (updating the card's firmware with a Mac compatible firmware), but not all PC cards work, and a result of flashing a PC card can be a dead card. Flashing a video card from PC to Mac is also not supported by ATI and Nvidia, so if you ruin the card, they won't help you.
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    a view nice options


    thats right the Raedeon 9800 Pro is your best bet. It comes with 256 MB and is great for games. Tha card goes for about 200 -250 bucks, but ist the fastes option arround. However this card only works on one screen, so you can not connect two displays at the same time or use Apples 30'. If you want to do this you want to go for the 9600. If you look for a low price tag, look for the G4 Ti with 128MB. It'll take a while to find it since it was built to order only but this card would be great and almost as fast as the ones above. I also have seen the card you mentioned but the 6200 is a flashed one and I wouldn't trust it.
    good luck.
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    The 9800 Pro is a great card for the G4. Highly recommended.
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    Thank you for your replies! I want to buy a new machine (I guess it will be a MacBook) but there are some other things in the priorities list first. I hope to have my new Mac by the end of this year. If I find some supplier that ships in Europe probably I will order a 9800/9600. If not,then I guess I'll stay like that for a while, with the GF4.
    Once again,thank you!
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    You can get a chopped FX5200 from a G5.

    If you remove / tape off a couple of the pins that card will fit in a G4 (ADC power is disabled though). I have one, works great. They can be had on ebay for < $50.
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    That's alright, I don't have to do this. I just remember that some years ago I have bought a Ti4600 and this one is used in my parents machine (P4 Ubuntu). I can buy them a regular card and use that one on my G4. I do hope it fits there though. If not, well,bad luck.

    LATER EDIT : BTW, I would like to add an extra HDD.My question is if I can buy any HDD and if so, does the slave/master jumpers matters for a Mac like it matters for an x86.I intend to buy an Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 (Bulk, HDT722525DLAT80) .Thx in advance!
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    If the Ti is a Mac card then it'll work, but if it's just a generic PC compatible version then it WON'T work in your Mac (different firmware).

    As far as hard drives ... that machine has IDE/PATA, so get one of those and not SATA. (SATA drives are faster and better, but you'd need to buy a PCI controller card.) That revision of the Quicksilver should have support for large drives (so says Mactracker), so any size PATA drive should work.
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    Well, I believe it is a normal PC card which means that I will stick (for the moment) with my GF4.
    As for HDD, many of these are PATA + SATA. There are some only PATA but these are somehow old models.
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    Hello friend,
    I finally have found the link again to that G4 graphic card seller. Check it out, this guy has even the very seldom 9700 built to order card. These are no fakes and no flashed ones as long as I know.
    Just in case you go for the Mac built to order card G4 4600 ti, the card is unusually long. I had this card myself and replaced it with a 9800 about a year ago. The PC version usually doesn't come that long. Also very important, if you go with this one I would replace the fan with an aftermarket. I know one guy whos fan died on him and killed the card because he didn't know it.


    Alex :)
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    Thx for the link!

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