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graphics card drivers

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by G3-Pwnz-G4, Jun 12, 2003.

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    ok, well i have a voodoo5 5500 that i would like to start using again for some of my old games, the problem is, i can't find the drivers that allow it to play OpenGL games anywhere.

    anybody know of a link or the place where i can get the driver?
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    Re: graphics card drivers

    Hey there,

    I've posted the last non-Beta drivers here

    I also posted OpenGL 1.2.1 for you there. I did that because the Voodoo 5 is not OpenGL 1.2.2 compatible. OpenGL 1.2.2 is installed if you have installed OS 9.2.2.
    You just have to remove the OpenGL-extensions in your HD:System folder:Extensions, and copy the 1.2.1 versions to that same spot.
    So, using OS 9.2.2, with this Voodoo driver, and OpenGL 1.2.1 is perfect.
    I love that card..... too bad it's not OS X compatible.
    Have fun. :)
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    woot, thx alot :D

    yea, i love that card as well. when i found out that it couldn't be used on osx i basically refused to use it for about a year (osx that is)...

    oh well, i guess i'll just hafta buy a radeon...
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    hmmm...it still doesn't work. when i try to open any opengl game it always says "Problem with opengl initialization" or something along those lines.

    what gives?
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    Are you sure you deleted the OpenGL 1.2.2 extensions first? There is also a ATI OpenGL extension, which also has to be removed.
    The games prior te OS X 10.2's release usually don't require a later version of OpenGL. Games like F1 2000 willl require version 1.2.2. But, like you said it was about older games.....
    I also have B&W G3, which I used also with the Voodoo 5 5500, running Mac OS 9.2.2, OpenGL 1.2.1 and these 1.1.2 MacVoodoo drivers. Games like Unreal (3dfx), UT (original, 3dfx), Quake 3 (OpenGL) ran very fast using it.

    It should work!

    Good luck.
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    i was actually trying to play pod racer, heavy metal fakk, oni, and wc3 and NONE of them work...
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    I have only tried ONI and Heavy Metal F.A.K.K., and these worked. BTW, without any updates.
    iPod Racer maybe is too new, requiring OpenGL 1.2.2 ?
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    i have no idea....maybe my computer jsut doesn't like me...
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    A Mac likes you just as much as you like your Mac.
    Actually, I have voted the B&W G3 as the best Mac ever (there was this thread...).
    Since then my G3 is much quicker. :D
    Hmmmm, my MDD suddenly froze (jealous) LOL.
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    sibling rivalry, eh? lol :D
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    I suggest you spend like 200 bucks and get a new gpu, it's really not worth the hassle to use old hardware like that. Take the amount of time you lose, multiply the amount you make per hour (avg) and then see if that is still less than the amount you'd spend on a new gpu.

    Besides, if it's not the best, is it really worth having?
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    well, that's kind of short sited, don't you think? it could be entirely possible that i don't want to just keep adding little bits and pieces here and there to my g3 when the 970's "supposedly" are coming out later this month. wtf would i wanna keep messin around wit a 500mhz g3 when i could have a 1ghz+ g5????

    this is just a temporary solution
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    Actually, it definitely IS the best PCI grfx card ever made! If was far, far ahead of it's time. It had 64 MB VRAM, and hardware FSAA 2x and 4x support. ATi's 7000 PCI is CRAP compared to the Voodoo 5.
    The setup I had for it (mentioned above) was awsome. I had higher framerates and better 3D quality in games like Unreal and Quake 3 than most G4's prior to ATi's release of the 8500.
    But, sadly, very sadly it was all over for 3Dfx. The manufacturer who started 3D accellerated gaming. Their final attempt was Mac-support, and even throwing in a 128 MB grfx card for PC (Voodoo 5 6000), and this was more than 3 years ago. Only recently we have 128 MB VRAM grfx cards for Mac.

    Dear G3-Pwnz-G4, I fully respect your choice to use this card, and even recommend it. Just don't use OS X, or OpenGL 1.2.2 (or later) required games.
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    i gotta agree with macsrg8t. i love my vd5. runs like a charm. eventually i'll get a 970, but untill then i'm gonna go play UT (i am the KING of camping :D )

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