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Graphics upgrade Gigabit Ethernet Dual 500? (Goal is DVI output, not speed/$$)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sysiphus, May 18, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    For better or worse, I'm stuck using my dual-500MHz G4 tower (Gigabit Ethernet) for the time being as my main machine. It's got an almost-new fast hard drive and half a gig of RAM, so it's not bad, but I'd like to upgrade it to a Quartz Extreme-capable graphics card (it has the stock ADC+VGA ATI Rage 128...yuck). For reference, this is the model with 2X AGP that does have the ability to drive ADC displays, unlike the original Sawtooth/Yikes G4s. My only other requirement is that it has a DVI port--I'd rather not be stuck using the VGA out to drive my perfectly good digital monitor. As such, I know that an ATI Radeon (original) or Radeon 8500 will fit the bill fine, but the original Radeons are hard to find, and the 8500 goes for a good bit of money. I don't really care about high-end performance, so there's no point considering an ATI 9800/9700 unless it's super-cheap.

    As such, I was thinking of picking up a Geforce 4MX or similar pulled from an MDD G4--but here's the question. The MDD was AGP 4X, my machine is AGP 2X. I know most of the 4X ATI cards work fine in a 2X slot; will the Geforce4MX?

    (The dilemma is that the only DVI-port-equipped cards available are the retail Radeons (typically costly) and the cards from the MDD machines (everything from the Gigabit Ethernet through Quicksilver 2002 only had VGA+ADC ports). Oh, and the Rage 128s from the Sawtooth machines, but that's not useful, as I want Quartz Extreme support to offload some of the work off of my tired old 500MHz CPUs) I'd ideally like to spend no more than 10-20 bucks on this. Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated.
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    This website says it will work in your machine...


    And from what I remember from old AGP cards in Windows (not that it necessarily applies to Macs), is that 4x will work in a 2x slot. Someone who has experience with older Macs and GPU's should come along shortly to verify that.
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    Thanks for the input! All signs seem to point towards a Geforce4MX working...excellent. That way, I can get Quartz Extreme, DVI out, and still retain the reliable, silent fanless design that I prefer :) (My Dualie is plenty loud enough without extra help)
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    If you want GF4, grab this version. It's from MDD Dual 1.0 GHz. It has 64MB BGA RAM. Much better card than basic 32MB version of 4MX.
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    grab a XFX geforce 6200, flash it and tape the correct pins.works like a charm.
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    Thanks for the help, folks. I've got a very inexpensive Geforce4MX on the way. Should fit my needs perfectly :)
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    Great! Let us know how it works out when it arrives.
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    Following up: got the Geforce4 MX today, and it works perfectly. No added noise, and I've now got nice clean digital output and smooth visual effects (Exposé etc...). Well worth $10. :D:apple:
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    Sweet! Great price, too.

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