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great link (legacysystems)

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by wmmk, Apr 19, 2006.

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    A blank page...simply mind-blowing...
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    Is there a way to not see posts written by certain people on the front page?
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    um...maybe your browser isn't working, but it should automatically go to

    that's weird
    please try the link again, and if it doesn't work again, then i really have to do something!
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    what do you mean?
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    I think he is trying to say the whenever he click new posts he doesn't want to see you up there. Now I'm not saying that, it's just what he is trying to say.

    Anyway, good luck with your OS, you have a crap load of work to do. ;)
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    yes, it's called looking for posts by that person!

    cheers ;)
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    Good for you for your commitment and your belief in yourself, especially in the light of so much doubt.

    Now keep up the hard work! ;)
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    OK, good sir, I don't mean to be a nay sayer, but you seriously you making an OS by yourself (or you and all your friends combined 100+) will take you literally 10 years to have anything usable, and a lot longer for you to compete with OSX. I mean OSX as it stands today, not 10 years from now.

    Its like me saying I am going to be president of the USA, I have some great ideas, now watch me go. It takes a lot more than that. OSX has had 10s if not 100s of millions of dollars and countless hours by countless numbers of extremely talented people to develop.

    If you want to impliment great ideas (and I'm all for that) I'd recommend you go to a great tech college, get recognised by apple, and go straight to work on their next gen os. That, I promise you would be quicker, and 100% more likely than your current plan.

    Seriously, not trying to be a downer but I don't think you know what you're up against. And if its only you working on it, you won't see a final project in your life time. and by the end of your life time os's won't be used anymore.

    my 2 cents
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    If you want to be taken at-all seriously, you should probably stop mixing politics with business, and get a new URL.
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    Is stealing (I know you made changes) opendarwin's logo a good idea?
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    this is not really a business, but a project.
    i will probably keep being hosted by teccion (great host)
    but get a dot tk domain name

    if anyone could help me set this up, that'd be cool!

    thanks to CoMpX for the nice comments!

    in terms of tis taking 10 years, that's ok.

    anyway, the link is for people who actually find this interesting.

    peyton, your criticism was actually constructive, thanks for that!

    if anyone's a darwin expert, pm me.

    anyway, i am only responding to your comments. this is just a link. if anyone is actually interested, visit the site. i'm looking for an easier way to update the blog at this thread. any help with easily updating iweb blogs that are not on .mac would help!

    thanks and cheers ;)

    EDIT: i've just registered for legacysystems.tk
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    i am paying respect to the fact that this uses darwin (totally open source) as the core. this logo is also used for other BSD and Unix realted things in various forms
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    Dead links.

    No redirection. Looks like you misconfigured it.

    Because there's no index at "http://liberalmac.gwtall.com/legacysystems/" and no Welcome page at "http://liberalmac.gwtall.com/legacysystems/Welcome.html"... Mainly because your page is ACTAULLY:


    Sorry, but I don't see an OS on your horizon if you're still struggling with Apache. ;)
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    It means I should know better than to click on topics called "great link"...
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    btw, i have permission from the creator of hexley, the darwin logo, to use my modified version of his creation. also, my site is down. anyone else hosted by teccion having problems at the moment?
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    i don't know what more you expect from free hosting. Same goes to the .tk.

    also, like everyone said, what you're trying to do is essentially like climbing everest or k2 with no experience at all. Start small and work up. What you're trying to do is just too much considering how little you know (from what I can tell from your previous posts here, i.e. porting closed source apps).
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    how many times must i say that i'm just developing apps in modifeid BASIC for an OS that's just darwin with this implimentation of modified BASIC in it. i am also photoshopping, illustrator-ing projected screenshots of the main GUI that other friends who are more experienced developers are translating into real code. i also come up with a lot of our ideas, but that's not too hard, as i think different;)!
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    ...You're writing stuff for an OS in BASIC? Pray tell how does that possibly work out to be a good thing at all?

    And instead of photoshopping, what's wrong with prototyping with Excel spreadsheets or html or some deal? Rough examples of what to do are nicer than pretty but useless pictures on the screen.

    And if all you're doing is doing the fun GUI, stop calling your project as an OS, because it's a desktop environment (Aqua, GNOME, KDE, LG3D style) and not an OS.
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    I did something like that when I was like 12. I made a whole program that looked a lot like an operating system using Visual Basic 3 or something. Had it's own word processor and web browser. It had it's own UI that was very different compared to that of Windows 95, which it ran on top of. Gave people the impression that my computer was running some "other" OS.

    Then I bought a Macinotsh.
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    thanks you, see everybody?

    this runs fullscreen on MODIFIED darwin, so it really is its own OS.
    this is not visual basic (way too feature limited), but IADDS (my friend's cross between objective C and BASIC)
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    what dpaanlka is saying != what you are saying, as his ran on top of win95, and you're suggesting a desktop manager that will be an aqua replacement.

    Think the difference between gnome vs. gmail fullscreen in your browser.
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    Les Kern

    None of the above links work. Is the web server running on this "new" OS? :)
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    no duh?!?!?! i am not hosting the site, a server running Mac OS X server is.
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    1st off, I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but this statement makes be believe that you have little idea of what your talking about.

    #1. A google search turns up nothing about IADDS (a BASIC and Obj-C mix).
    #2. It takes *years* to be able to come up with something as feature-full as Visual basic, and you friend "invented" this language? Does it come with compliers, debuggers, linkers, classes, frameworks?
    #3. You cant "mix" basic and objective-c into 1 language. Objective-C is object oriented, basic is not. Also, BASIC is not to be used to build complex programs (like aqua), the performance would be horrible and debugging would be virtually impossible. Not to mention BASIC provides no frameworks.
    #4. Modifying Darwin (the kernel) on _any_ level would require nasty, nasty hacking of the source code in C. Not something to be taken lightly.

    If you really want to do something like you are describing, I suggest checking out the GNUstep project. They use Objective-C and have made classes to basically replicate what OpenStep was. GNUstep runs on Darwin, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc. Programs made in GNUstep should require little or no modification to re-complie for mac os x. Basically GNUstep is almost the same as Cocoa, but large chucks of Mac OS X are still based in Carbon (C api).

    I hope I was able to help you. Again, I'm not trying to be mean, I hope you believe me. I do this all in love. :)

    Take Care,

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