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Great scott!!!!

Discussion in 'Community' started by alxths, Jan 16, 2004.

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    I'm enjoying this... this guy's quite a good writer and is pretty intelligent..

    Have you seen it before?

    edit: btw, "Great Scott!" is from Back to the Future" :)
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    a world war in 2015?

    either way, if you paid any attention to bttf, you would realize how impossible it would be.

    he would be going back in time
    hinting of a world war in 2015
    this would affect the world war.

    it should rip the universe apart... when somebody reads the ww in 2015 part, it changes... so john would say something else because it occured differently. so it wouldn't read 2015. and so on and so forth. but because time travel would refer to time as linear... there would be so many jumps in what really happened...

    it would just destroy the universe. m'k?
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    Well notice the use of the word "worldline;" which, to me, implies a (in)finite number of worlds/dimensions each travelling on their own line. Kinda like that show sliders, I guess...

    But that isn't really relevant... I posted this for it to be appreciated as fiction, and as such it is quite a piece of work, i think...
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    Q: Does Microsoft still exist?
    A: No.

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    "(14) The Internet is still alive and well in the future. People spend more time talking because life is more centered on the community."

    I see this as being tru no matter whom said what.... once oil is too expensive, we will not have a choice but to grow food locally, and have smaller communities...
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    The civil war starts this year, so y'all should be ready for it :).

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    I thought it started in 2005?
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    Re: Great scott!!!!!

    yes? :cool:
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    Weird. As I read more into this thing, stuff it keeps seeming like the guy is for real.

    He was asked about the cure of cancer (in 2000). He said that we have discovered to modify some viruses and inject them into cancer cells, which is a cure.

    Well, just a few weeks ago, some doctors in Australia discovered this too...


    Theres a bunch of weird crap that is seemingly coming true...
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    Heh. I love this. Give me a few months to write up a blueprint of my story and get a rough draft of what history would look like and I can do the same thing as this "time traveler"

    This isn't a new theory. In fact retrovirus therapy has always been at the forefront of cancer research for years.

    This is laughable at best. Reading through this "time travelers" postings I get the distinct impression that the guy wasn't well schooled. In fact he himself admits to no high school. Take the Pearl Harbor comment. He comments that:
    Never mind the fact that they did indeed call it in and it was ignored as being a squadron of US bombers. This isn't some small trivial event. This is historical fact that this person obviously missed. There have been movies, books, debates on this since the day it happened. I can't honestly believe even 30 years into the future such an event would even be forgotten. Think about this a second. Who do we allow to fly F-16 strike eagles, stealth bombers, and the like? Sure as hell they have at minimum HS diplomas. Do you think anyone would send someone with a lacking of overall historical knowledge back in time!?! NAA-AH. I don't buy it. In addition to that I don't believe he would be sent back alone. Imagine if you will he became incapacitated, killed, or captured. This time travel tech would be just sitting there to be found. A time travel project would most likely be done in pairs.
    Also let's assume for the sake of argument that he is indeed a time traveler. I've been thinking that exposing himself to the public would change things dramatically. He's given us supposedly very important years. 2005 for civil war, 2015 for WWIII. This gives people a heads up warning which in turn allows them to see the **** before it hits the fan, which in turn would allow more people to survive, which allows those people to affect other people and on and on thus changing history. I can't imagine any time traveler would expose him/herself in such a manner. Its dicking with the timeline.

    Finally this is the most laughable of everything else. We were supposedly hit with nukes in 2015. He claimed that the first time machine was built in 2034. Consider the disruptive effects of a nuclear bomb being dropped on a city let alone cities across the US. Even if massive strides in time travel theory were discovered in the next 11 years, all the while during a Civil War, a World War that literally hits home would decimate research and shift priories to survival and reconstruction. Time travel would be the LAST thing on anyone's mind.

    The only thing that makes me twitchy is the Civil War in 2005 comment. Last year I started wondering what would happen after this year's elections if Bush didn't give up the office of the President? Claiming that this isn't the time or the place to replace him as president while "fighting" the war on terrorism. Or what if he does win? Did you guys know that Rumsfeld is already in initial stages of selecting local people for draft boards. Don't roll your eyes. I'm not setting that up as a joke. http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/1105-01.htm
    The American public WILL NOT stand another draft. It smacks of Vietnam and could spark a revolt. So a 2005 civil war isn't totally out of the realm of possibilities.

    Then again its 3:51AM and I'm tired. This was fun. :) Is there anything else like it out there with a person claiming to be an alien from the planet Glob III?
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    I can remember reading on the web about experiments in that method for a while now. Means nothing for his "credibility."

    Does this guy offer interesting perspectives on our current world and good advice for any time period (knowing people you can trust, knowing how to protect yourself, cut out the wasteful lifestyle, etc)? Yes.

    Is this whole crock fruitier then Christopher Lowell? Most definitely.
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    1.) Gosh dang you have a negaive view of President Bush. He is not a man of personal power like that.

    2.) That draft link was....disturbing; but I really don't think that they'd institute another draft. All the numbers and logistics are debateable, but I really see the war in Iraq as dying down. We've got Saddam, there is no exit strategy because it's going to be our new mid-east base to replace Saudi Arabia, and the media is reporting an astronomically negatively-balanced view; for every negative act you hear about on TV, there are about a 100 good things. We've made progress in Iraq that took 5 or more years in Germany. The first wave of soldiers to come home is due pretty soon, ain't it?
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    UNIX fails in 2038?
    Well, I just tried to set my OS X clock to 2038... it´s not possible. I have now on my comp Thursday, 31st December 2037... about 25 minutes to go, until the next year. I will see what happens then.

    Will report back later ;)

    It appears that, if untouched, the software continues to run in 2038, but you can´t set the clock anymore. Any try on that will set it to 1901.
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    I don´t believe this website.
    1) That guy is talking about a massive military force moving to the east from Germany. This will never happen, Never ever. We had enough war here.

    2) Look at that quote and tell me what´s wrong ;) :D
    Found it? He is still talking about the Iraq having nuclear weapons and being a threat... LOL This is a major difference in the timeline, I guess!

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    Mr. Anderson

    Interesting read - some of it is just plain common sense though, mixed in with a little research.

    Thanks for sharing it :D

  17. big
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    we're over due for a civil war right now...
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    Doesn't he meant to say that Iraq having nukes is just BS to get US in the next war?

    Also... that Unix clock thing happens 19th January at 3:22 AM (or around that, but NOT 1st January) in 2038 I think it reverts back to 1901, I tried it myself.
    Many things like this forum would stop functioning properly in 2038.

    I am not saying I believe him by saying this but, isn't EU working a lot to create unified European army?
    And I think you know the purpose of army..
    *Theoretically* everything he said could happen. except time machines, I wouldn't get into that...
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    Thank you for the link alxths, it is a very interesting read. He is a good writer with a very vivid imagination. A good writer also needs to be a good researcher. As for World War III that is occuring currently with our War on Terrorism.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Too bad he couldn't tell us if Apple was still around in the future and if not, what was the last computer they made....;)

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    or when the g5 powerbook comes out *cough*
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    Theoretically, monkeys could fly out of my ass and whisk me away to a warmer climate.

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    The easiest way to gauge that it's fake is his reaction to the question about the 2001 Superbowl. He says he won't disclose it for some BS reason.

    How many people know or care who won the Superbowl in 1968?

    Hell, I don't even remember who won in 2001.
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    Well, the easiest method would to find some child that's named John Titor and kill him. He'd be like 6-7 now eh?

    hehe, at least I'll be elderly at that time.

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    Laslo Panaflex

    I really enjoyed reading that website, I didn't read it all, but it was pretty interesting. I really don't believe it, but it still is cool.

    Oh, incase anyone wants to see the pictures of his time machine and the manaual the website linked below has them.


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