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Great Sleeve/Case for Macbook Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ajmac25, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I bought a new MBA the week it came out and could not find a case. While I was in San Fran, I stumbled on these guys. Great case, semi-custom made. Great service and great protection. I would buy from them again. Here is their website and options you can chose.

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    I have 17" messenger bag from them. Good stuff. :)
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    I have their suede 11.6 sleeve from them. i love it!
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    Yup, Gary and the team at Waterfield Designs do a phenomenal job with their products and customer service! There are a ton of happy customer postings on these forums.
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    Unhappy SF Bags\Waterfield Customer here... I ordered the $25 (minus 25% off coupon) RadTech sleeve and it's AMAZING, 10x better than the SFBags Sleeve, and you can have whatever color you want, and it doesn't have the annoying fingerloops!

    I HIGHLY recommend Radtech, and search, there's promo codes for discounts, and they ship in 1-2 days! Much more customer-friendly company, and more cutting edge designs. :)
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    Love my Waterfield SleeveCase. Excellent customer service, and you get a great, sturdy, handsome case. Do it.

    P.S. Not a fan of that RadTech sleeve. Yuck. To each their own, of course.
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    How would you know? You've never had a Waterfield sleeve to compare to. I laugh because you talk about their designs yet they were good enough for you to order one. You had an off customer experience (which I don't think we've been told the complete story for both sides), and now their designs are not good? Yet nearly every post and thread about Gary and Waterfield is glowing not only on this forum but on others as well...Hmm...
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    And? I was simply sharing my poor experience with one company and great experience with another. Go troll elsewhere. I contributed good info to the thread, you did not.
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    No, you contributed good AND bad info. Your post about Radtech was great...Good recommendation. But your post on Waterfield is inaccurate and incomplete. You know it, and other pointed it out in your original thread. That's fine if you want to call me a troll...But...
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    NO, see that's where you're wrong. YOUR and MOST might have good experiences with them. *I* did NOT. I simply pointed out that MY experience was bad with SFBAGS and good with RADTECH. You took it as an insult because your bias to toward SFBAGS so anyone saying anything negative (even if true like my experience), you get defensive. Not sure why you are like that. I drive a Toyota... sure people can say they had a bad experience with toyota, I've had a good one, but I don't attack them telling them their bad experience was their fault or made up or irrelevant.
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    Fair enough and I will say you were civil on this thread about your dissatisfaction. Guess I was just trigger happy from the original thread on this. But you can't tell me that you've never defended a good product, store, or something where you've had nothing but good experiences and someone else disses them in a bit of an extreme manner. :)
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    Can you explain to us what made it a bad experience?
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    If you run a search on bella's posts, you'll find the entire thread.
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    LOL, we're not going there again. There's other threads explaining what happened. It wasn't that there was an issue with the product, it was just bad interactions with a couple (I'm sure not the norm) customer service reps that were likely stressed. Customers aren't always right, but every customer deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

    I'm sure they make a quality product, and it is nice to see companies still making products in the US, but just like I don't buy Ford because I had a bad experience, my personal opinion of SF Bags isn't great, so I chose to try out RadTech, and it's a great product for a decent price, so a viable alternative.

    To each his own, the beauty of the United States is we're free to vote with our wallet for whoever we want (as long as it's not WikkiLeaks apparently, lol)
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    Just as I chose Timbuk2 for me this time around. Well for my iPad to be exact but I'm gonna use the same bag for my MBA. Might be a little tight.
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    oh yeah, Timbuk2 is amazing. I got one for my kindle from them, I would LOVE one that's made just for mb air 11" from them :)
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    They're super expensive though, I only bought mine because it was on sale.
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    I got my 13" MBA sleevecase last Friday, and I am so pleased with it. It's the nicest looking sleeve that I've seen, and the quality seems quite good. I ordered it on Wednesday, and it wasn't supposed to ship until Friday, but I emailed them asking for an expected delivery date, and they went ahead and shipped it on Wednesday. I didn't ask them for an expedited shipment. They were very quick to respond to my email.
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    I ordered a hard graft sleeve on the 25th of November and made special arrangements to have the item shipment delayed. Customer service was very helpful (albeit slow to reply) and when I requested the item to be shipped, it was done the very next business day. Overall very pleased with their support, I should get mine tommorrow.

    Looks great in my opinion too!

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    AJ...I saw your post and checked out SFBags website. Seemed like Gr8 stuff, so I ordered the Sleevecase for my MBA 13". I received an order n shipping acknowledgment the same day...gotta like that. It's very nice, well made, reasonable priced. I ordered on Saturday and received it on Monday. Everybody oohs and ahhs my Air and equally so the Sleevecase. They'll be getting my business again.
    Thx AL and SFbags.......Happy Holidays!!
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    I don't mean to trash SFBags at every chance, but since we're all posting opinions...

    The Suede Sleeve is a waste of money. $25 for something your grandmother can sew in 15 minutes is not worth it. They could've added some aesthetic detail, like stitching, but they chose not to. And the finger loops, which I like, are hastily tacked on and stand out in a bad way.
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    Hey all, strongly considering getting the MacBook Air case from SFbags. Last thing I'm considering is to put on the flap or not. On another MacBook I would without question, but the Air is tapered down so thin that I don't think any of the Air would be exposed once the velcro is fastened. If thats the case I don't really see the need for the flap but wanted some opinions from others before I made a final decision :)
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    I chose the horizontal, d rings, leather, and flap. The flap is essential for me to help keep dust out and it's extra insurance to prevent the MBA from falling out of the case. If you are keeping the WF inside a bag maybe it's not necessary but I think if you plan on using it as the only case then I'd get the flap.
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    Thanks for the advise!

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