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Green Bay, Nov 4th. Game

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mwhities, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Anyone going to be at Lambeau Field on Nov 4th? My wife just scored me two tickets to go. (A friend of her's family has season tickets and I get two of the four.)

    i'll be driving up from Jackson MS, yes, it's a 16 hour drive. I'm cool with that.

    Why? Because it will be a dream come true. I've passed on going to any NFL games I've had a chance to go to. I wanted my very first NFL game to be with the Packers at Lambeau.

    My dream is coming true. :)

    So, if you are going to be there or a regular there, let me know. I would like to meet a few people and maybe get some brats and beer. :)
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    Congrats! Hope you have fun, not a GB fan but I felt the same way about my first NFL game it had to be my team and it had to be a home game!
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    congrats! my brother has season tickets I try to get to one game every year but I live in NY state. Make sure to stop at Lombardis
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    I hope you have a safe trip, and enjoy the game!:D
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    I am a GBP fan down under (disappointed we lost this morning) and am jealous of your 16 hour drive to get to a game, it's a 24 hour trip for me, international!
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    Todays game sucked. The conservative style of mike mccarthy has to go and dom capers is done. He runs the same zone crap all the time and defenses eat it up now.
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    Thanks! Very cool. I'm going to talk to them and see if we can setup a way that I can purchase any two tickets to whatever game every year.

    Thank you. I hope it all goes well, November is going to be COLD. :)

    Yeah, it sucked. But, it's okay. We'll be back!

    Yeah, need to switch it up sometime.
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    Where's the ignore button. :rolleyes:
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    why? everyone knows that the defense is nowhere near what it was 2 years ago. You can only run the same schemes for so long before the league catches on to what you're doning. A young inexperienced Indy team had their way withe the GB defense during the 2nd half of the game. It's time for change
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    Congratulations, have fun and take a lot of pictures. Are you going to buy a cheesehead?
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    Thanks and I plan to for sure!

    Yes, I'm going to HAVE to buy a cheesehead. haha Several other things as well.

    I'll be paying for the tickets tomorrow. Section 101 - Row 6 - seats 19 and 20.
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    The defense doesn't have the talent that the offense has and it's been that way for a couple of years. As a Bears fan, I had been lamenting the lack of quality drafts for the defense, but apparently the drafts were better than I thought, as the late round players have finally been getting up to speed in Cover 2.

    And you can complain about Dom Capers (though he really does look kind of creepy, I'd tell my daughters to stay away from a guy who looks like that) defense, but the Cover 2 practiced by the Bears has been his mainstay since his time in Tampa Bay. Like any defense, it depends on players executing, and the Bears are getting better at it this year, while the Packers D seems not to be doing the job, not everyone, but the breakdowns have been hurting the Pack.
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    Get there early enough to be in your seats for the fly over. Truly awesome.
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    Definitely will. My hotel is about 30 minutes away (All of the hotels in town seem to be booked, according to the wide.) and I plan to get to GB around 7 or 8 that morning.

    I want to walk around, take pictures, eat at a few different places. Then I'll make my way toward Lambeau and see if anyone offeres brats and beer, then up to the seats before everything starts.

    Thanks for posting.
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    I don't envy your drive. I drove from MS to Omaha, and that drive was terrible. And I like driving. That was around 13 hours, so I can't imagine driving 16.
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    You staying in appleton? There a nice little hotel in shawano right off hwy 29 thats cheap and the pizza place nearby is some of The best za ive ever had. Yes inluding nyc pizza
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    Me and my buddies try to make it out to road game or two every season. This year we are going to Pittsburgh for a Steelers game..... Last year we went to a cowboys game, and a Cleveland Browns game. It really is a wonderful experience. We always try to get there on Saturday and make a weekend of it.... Like for the Cleveland game, we arrived Saturday and went to the hall of fame in Canton, OH...

    Anyways good luck with that drive, I dont think I could ever drive that far, we drove to cleveland which was 7 hours and that felt like alot. We flew to the Dallas game. we are planning on driving to Pittsburgh which is also 7 hours... Thats the longest I am willing to drive though.... You can find alot of cheap flight deals these days.
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    I'm ONLY looking forward to it as it's "MY" Packers. :) Ok, my dream and I gotta do it. :p)

    I'm honestly not sure yet. The wife has a friend that can get me any room for 25.00 a night. Hopefully not some run downed place. :) If so, I'll check it out for sure.

    Very cool. As I stated earlier, I wanted to wait to watch my first NFL game until I could go Lambeau Field and watch the Packers play.... I've had several chances in the last 5 years or so but, do to money constraints, I've been unable to. Otherwise, I'd gone a longtime ago. Now that times are getting a little easier, I plan to do this at least once a year. Maybe even go to other games. Dallas is 6 hours away, New Orleans is 3, Memphis is 3, and Atlanta is 6 I think too. I event turned down FREE box seats for the Saints game this last weekend.

    I just paid for the tickets I'm getting and they will be here tomorrow!! I'm so excited.

    I've driven 12 - 14 hours before. I made a journey from Jackson, MS, to OKC, stayed the night, drove to Salt Lake City Utah, stayed the night, drove to Las Vegas, stayed the night (and partied my (__Y__) off), and then drove to Cali. Two days later, drove back the same way. :) So driving that long for myself won't be a big deal, the part that's going to suck is after the game. I'll be driving all night (instead of day like Saturday) and hope to get home around 8 or 9 that Monday morning.

    My nephew that I am taking with me is a Steelers fan. I'd like to go up there for a game. His requirement to go on this trip is that he has to wear all GB gear and not mention one word of the Steelers. :) (I like the Steelers too.)
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    Luigi's? That's some pretty good food. :D
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    Looks like I'll be staying in Manitowoc, WI. That's not to far of a drive, anyone know if it's a slow/bad drive?

    This was unplanned and we didn't even think about the rooms disappearing like they are. There are a few but, they are 200+ per night. Out of my current budget. Anyone have family there? I can sleep on a blow up bed in the carport/garage. :)
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    The 11/4 game is a 'gold package' game, which means that a very large percentage of the ticket holders will be traveling from Milwaukee, and thus traffic between Green Bay and Milwaukee will be quite heavy before and after game time...so you'd want to plan on an early start and be prepared to deal with heavy traffic after the game. All of the hotels in Green Bay and Appleton are close to $200 per night on Packers home game weekends, and most require at least a two-night stay. The fun of a professional sports team in a relatively tiny town! :D
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    Ohh nice! I lucked up on these tickets then!! haha (They are season tickets, I'm just not the original holder.)

    I hope to get to the hotel around 8 or 9 PM.. If so, I plan to get up around 7 (if I can sleep) and head out to Green Bay. I want to see everything I can and take as many (VERY newbie) pictures as I can. Eat at a few different places and buy some Packers gear.

    I did find a few that had rooms but, 200 is to much if I want Packers gear. (Priorities! :p) I'd love to live there... that'd be awesome. I just wish there weren't so many people on the waiting list for season tickets. hahah

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    Rodgers was awesome this last weekend.

    Looked like a rocket blasting off.

    Anyone else going to be there yet?
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    I'm from Appleton, but live in CO now.

    Used to go to games all the time (I still bleed green & gold).

    If you can stop in Appleton at all, the visiting team stays at the Paper Valley Hotel in downtown Appleton. It's fun to see the opposing players loading up on the buses. Many stop for autographs.

    I can't recommend much in Manitowoc nor Green Bay, but have fun! Lambeau is the best. Have some cheese curds while you're in town.

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