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Gregory Hines Dies of Cancer at 57

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by eyelikeart, Aug 10, 2003.

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    What a life he lived...so much success. It always makes me feel happy to know someone was able to do what they loved. I didn't even know he was sick.

    article here
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    Man that is really young to die, may he RIP. All these entertainers dying this year :( :(
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    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who didn't know he was sick. What a wonderful talent he was.... I was so surprised today when I heard.
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    i don't think he was very open about his illness.

    he will be missed.

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    yeah I was not aware of his illness either, it's a shame to see such a great talent pass so soon, he was definitely one of the most amazing tap dancers of our generation.
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    Jerry Spoon

    Really an amazing talent. He was a good actor, but when you saw him dance, you knew what his true gift was.

    Didn't know he was sick either. Just saw it on the news tonight. My wife and I were both saddened.
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    wow, that is pretty sad. it is amazing that he kept on going, tho. he just performed by my university not even 6 months ago. I wish I could have made it, but the cost was too high.
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    Yeah I had no idea he was ill at all, he sure kept it a secret.

    You hate to see a person die like that, from something like cancer.
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    Nobody knew he was sick. As paul said, I don't think he was at all open about his illness.

    I really hope there's one day a cure found for cancer. I'm sure everyone here has lost someone close to it.
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    May Gregory Hines rest in peace. I pray that his family and friends will be comforted. It's is always tragic when it is someone young! :(
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    Jerry Spoon

    Apple just posted a great picture of Hines on the main page of their site with their Think Different line . Did he appear on one of their posters when the campaign was running?

    A nice way to pay respects to a talented man.

    Link leads to a short article on his career and a mention of his relationship with Apple: http://www.apple.com/hotnews/articles/2003/08/hines/
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    here it is

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