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Grey bar on the bottom of screen

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by scubadivingfool, Jun 13, 2013.

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    For the life of me I can't figure out how to get the Grey bar off the bottom. Can anyone help? The iPhone is a 4 btw.

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    I thought iP4 didn't have translucency...in that case, it's the dock itself. Can't remove it.
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    It's the dock. The iPhone 4 dock doesn't seem to have the the translucency effect and for now, it seems like this is intended. Not sure if they'll add translucency to it or not in future betas.
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    I think the 4 is intended to have translucency - the advertisements show it as having it - but as of right now the OS is buggy and it ends up being the colour you have there. You'll have to wait until it's fixed or just deal with it if it turns out the 4 doesn't get translucency.

    I can't imagine that they won't fix it, though, it's glaring and ruins the feel and there are still a lot of people using 4s.
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    Apple can edit images how ever they want. ;) It's likely to come in a future beta I'd think.
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    What advertisements show the iPhone 4 with it? All the ads I've seen show the iPhone 5. It is common practice that when a new version of iOS comes out the older generations don't get some of the fancier features.
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    I know :p But I don't think they'd show it as having it in the pictures if it wasn't going to, and either way, it's still ugly on my old 4 as compared to my 5. Current debate about the new icons aside, Apple doesn't usually go for 'ugly'.
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    Don't know what the solution will be, but I can almost 99% guarantee that it will not ship as a solid grey block on the iPhone 4.
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    To me with the all of the screen shots that I'm seeing it looks like the iPhone 4 will not have the translucently , I think the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5 will have the translucently
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    I had iOS 7 Beta 1 on my iP4S yesterday and the dock wasn't translucent.
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    i think he is talking about the one on the apple website [​IMG]
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    Interesting... That could have been negligently overlooked when creating the banner. It could also just be a bug like many are saying. :confused:
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    Interesting. It looks more transparent on the website then it actually does on an iPhone 5.

    Also, I don't recall there being a transparent overlay for the status bar on my install as is shown in those images.
  14. MacReloaded, Jun 13, 2013
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    They overlooked it. They just copied and pasted the 4S image for the 4.
    You can see the black slits matching the 4S on the 4.

    Take a look back on the iOS 6 page.
    They used the proper images there even though the home screen is the same.
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    Yes unfortunately in practice Apple commonly reuses images for similar pieces like that. iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 same size screen, so use the same banner, and 4S screen is prettier, so go with that one.
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    Yup. I'm really hoping they either add translucency later on or give us 4 users a different dock. This is my biggest gripe with iOS 7 so far, and really my only one.
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    My guess is that they tried the translucency and gaussian blur but performance was terrible. They didn't want to remove just the gaussian blur which would look nice in the dock but terrible in Control Center. So in the mean time, for consistency, they just disabled both and made it solid grey instead.
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    the CDMA iPhone 4 has the same antenna construction as the 4S ;)

    still, i'm siding with your "they just lazily copy'n'pasted it" theory

    i also think it'll come in a later beta, because it looks pretty crappy imho.
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    Ah right. The CDMA slipped my mind since it's not an international model.
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    Mine is not transparent on iPhone 5. Only the very very top of the bar is slightly, but the rest is always a solid color based on my background. I wish looked like the Control Center at least :(
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    I really don't think it will ship in its current form. Too blocky and unnecessary visual clutter. Boxes in the screen and makes it feel smaller.
  22. KeanosMagicHat, Jun 14, 2013
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    The dock does have some translucency on my 4S.

    Problem is that on an almost black wallpaper, it's barely noticeable looking more like it big grey bar.

    It needs to be made more translucent I believe.
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    I've just updated my software to iOS 7 on the iPhone 5 and also have this ugly big grey bar! Is there a way for me to make it translucent? Thanks in advance.
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    It changes color depending on the wallpaper you use, try change the wallpaper and see the dock change its color too.
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    I agree. I use a pure black wallpaper and the ugly gray bar and the gray icon groupings that were never an issue in ios6 make me want to revert back to ios6 if ios7 is going to be this ugly.

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