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greyscreen wallpaper - thought you guys might like it.

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by neversaynever, Sep 19, 2010.

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    I (and many of my friends) use grey screen wallpaper in their computers so as not to disrupt their color vision - and everyone once in a while does a new one for himself/herself, with a little insignia marked on it. this is my wallpaper nowadays, pretty impersonal this time, so thought you guys might have an use for it.

    if minimalism or color balanced sight is not to your taste, here is another wallpaper I have made recently.

    hope you like it!
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    I'm not big on quote wallpapers, but the grey one is great!:)
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    Give me Solid Gray Dark any day.

    At home... at work...

    I can't get enough of that gray.
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    I LOVE them both.

    Would it be possible to omit the colon at the end of the first line? My inner "grammar nazi" is ocd'ing about it. >.< If's not possible or you simply don't want to, completely understood - I like it just the same!

    Jupiter is also excellent - I'll be using this on my Windows notebook and desktop.

    Thank you for the nice wallpapers!
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    thanks! yeah - english is not my native language. I'll take a look if I can fix it without disturbing kerning or without creating ugly negative space.
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    Wonderful! I appreciate it, truly. I wasn't sure exactly how to ask without coming across as rude. I'm glad you didn't take it that way :)

    ... and I've already got it set as my desktop. If you're able to remove the colon, it makes it even better!
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    I like the design but the lack of vertical center throws me off. And as Alaerian pointed out, the improper grammar bug me too. Oh well.
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    If you read the entire thread, I've very politely asked the created to remove the colon, to which (s)he obliged. ;)

    A little kindness goes a long way.
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    I'm sorry, it appears that I flattened the psd to apply texture . took a stab at fixing it manually (i.e. stamp tool) but didn't have anything too encouraging. if you get a better result post here, so we can all learn :)
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    Thanks for this !
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    It wasn't meant to be rude and I did mention that another person had pointed it out.

    I liked it, I simply voiced the reasons why I didn't love it.
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    Spent five minutes removing the colon -- it's not perfect but maybe it's good enough.

    EDIT: Just noticed I screwed up the N... I'll have a fixed version up soon.
    EDIT 2: The correct one should be up now.

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    pretty good:)

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