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Griffin iTrip nano equivalent for indoor use - advice please

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MrSmith, Dec 28, 2006.

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    Has anyone used the Griffin iTrip nano? I want something like that for indoors use only. Is it any good? Any problems?

    EDIT: Uh oh. Looks like that's only for the old Nanos. Is there something suitable for the newer Nanos?
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    umm...just get an airport express with air tunes so you can stream music from your mac to any speakers in the house!
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    Thanks for your reply. It's for indoors but not for home. It won't involve a computer.
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    Thanks nitynate. I'll look into that. :)
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    why not just use the iTrip nano in your house. set your stereo and the iTrip to the same station and enjoy.

    the Airport Extreme idea is good, but a bit more expensive (although i think the iTrips are overpriced these days).
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    iTrips are junk. I got one for my mini iPod a few years ago; saps battery life like no other, cuts power by at least half.

    made the mistake of buying another for my iPod photo; always lost its configuration. so hard to put in right settings, sometimes you need to reset using a computer.

    plus, you lose at least 20% of sound quality not to mention the occasional interference from other air wave based transmitters.

    go get something that you can directly stick into your iPod and directly connect to your amp/speakers

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