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Griffin Loop for iPad in UK.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by testcard, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Has anyone come across a supplier for the Griffin Loop in the UK?
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    I would like to know this too. Its odd that its not even on Ebay!
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    Ebay - been there too! Strange it hasn't even appeared in the Apple Store, particularly as the Griffin A-Frame arrived there fairly quickly.
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    Yeah but the A frame sucked so they probably needed to get some sold lol. The loop is a great stand concept and, crucially looks like a dream for typing.

    Any Ebay sellers out there on these forums want to sell this thing? Kevikev maybe?? Don't take the pee on the prices and there are at least two UK buyers who would want one!!
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    I'm almost tempted to order direct from Griffin in the US and then sit back and wait for USPS to deliver - probably a month at least.
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    Cant you select priority delivery for a premium? I had that with an Ebay seller and it was less than a week.
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    Actually scratch that - I checked priority postage and its silly money. Wonder why it was cheaper on Ebay lol.
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    Here's what they charge for delivery - US > UK:
    For standard United States Postal Service (2-3 weeks) : $11.55
    UPS Worldwide expedited delivery (whatever that is) : $78.53
    And there are other UPS options which are even more expensive! Not great considering they sell the Loop for $29.99.
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    You know what will happen dont you? You will put in the order and the next day Amazon UK will have it with next day delivery :)
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    Exactly what I've been thinking - Amazon or Apple Store.

    Anyone from Griffin hang around here? If so, care to suggest when the Loop might be crossing the pond?
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    Can't wait any longer for the Griffin Loop to reach our shores. Today I snapped and ordered direct from Griffin. Cheapest shipping option - USPS and canoe (probably). And now the waiting begins...

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