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Group buy for iPhone 4 unlocked from Canada or Mexico?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MaxBurn, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Anyone ever do a group buy in crossing the border to get some unlocked phones?

    Personally I am about 5 hours away from a cluster of three stores around Montreal so in theory I could pick up six phones assuming they don't check the two phone limit per customer across different stores. Is that two per day? Maybe pick up twelve? :D

    Would they still sell an unlocked phone to a US credit card? I guess I could just pay cash, personal bank should give me a decent exchange rate.

    Potential problems with border return? Not worried about taxation as I live in NH and we don't have sales tax, would be using a NH border crossing. Or is there something else I don't know about?

    Reckon $85 in gas and another $130 for a hotel over night near the city. Time invested would be chocked up to a neat weekend.

    At $775us per 32gb iPhone 4 + expenses = $4865/6= $811

    On ebay these seem to be running $900 and higher with an occasional deal here and there.
  2. g35
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    With Quebec tax I think your total would rise about $100 per phone. Unless you somehow get the tax back when you go back to NH? I don't know how this works just wondering if you may have overlooked a cost - when you say no tax in NH you get QC tax back, too??
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    if a us resident stay for certain amoung of days in canada there is tax exemption.

    but wouldn't apply in OP's case cuz he is bring back like 10-20 phone, no amoung of tax exemption would apply. not to mention it is quite obviously use for commercial profit which may meant actually = more tax on top if OP were to declare all of the phones
    dunt know if selling on ebay is a good idea. there's been alot of paypal chargebacks associated with iphone lately
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    In Quebec... Add 5% to the total. Then add another 7.5% to that total

    $779.00 + %5 = $817.95
    $817.95 + 7.5% = $879.30 CAD

    btw it jumps from 7.5% to 8.5% on Jan 1st 2011.
    And since the USD and CAD currencies are pretty much the same now-a-days... You are not making much off by selling for $900 USD, not worth your troubles.
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    Well that was dumb of me, completely overlooked the local tax up there and apparently it is steep.

    I was only thinking about getting as many phones as people would want here and only using eBay as a price comparison tool to sort of gauge what the market price is.

    Ah well, I hope there are big changes in the AT&T partnership coming because that's about the only thing I really hate about the apple phone.

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