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GTA V New Info...

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by boy-better-know, Nov 8, 2012.

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    I think it looks very promising! I hope they improve the driving mechanics. The cars in IV simply were not much fun.
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    The new trailer looks pretty amazing. The game definitely has my full attention now!
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    It will be the same as all the other GTA games.

    TBH if im sitting ignoring my text messages to play a game, why do I want to then have to answer text messages from 'Ho's' within the game?
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    Oh, so you've played it? :p

    There are several things that I would like to see improved over IV. But in general, as long as they provide a fun, diverse sandbox to play in, I'll probably pick it up at some point.
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    Same story, different sandbox I reckon.
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    Trailer looks amazing, really can't wait for this.
    However, its release will be around the same time as my final uni exams and hand in dates.
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    GTA 5 new details: Character switching, skill systems and more

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    Very interesting, hopefully its fun because GTA IV wasn't. Having three different characters should change up the pace. I'm looking forward to it.

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    This and Watchdogs are must buys for me

    All those LA locales look ridiculously accurate. I want to land a plane on the Venice boardwalk
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    It all looks amazing. I can't decide what platform to get it on though - PC for better graphics, higher res, quicker load times. Current gen consoles because they've actually been announced, but will be low FPS and low res. Next gen consoles because POWER.

    (and of course it'll be coming out on all these machines, it's Rockstar after all)
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    X2, although I'm more excited for Watch Dogs.
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    Possible Special Edition!

    - SteelBook with exclusive Artwork
    - World map
    - Stunt-Planes challenges
    - Online-Store concessions
    - Bonus outfits
    - Bonus Tattoos
    - Special Abilities Booster
    - Exclusive weapons

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    All those trailers and screenshots sure look pretty.

    Then again, GTA4 trailers and screenshots looked amazing as well...when I finally got a chance to play it, the actual game graphics were rather sobering.

    We'll see how this turns out. I'm pretty much done buying games when they launch, so I'll have some time to assess the situation before I spend my money. :)
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    I'd be interested to know if those trailers were filmed from a PC version, as most multiplatform games are these days.
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    if they manage to improve the graphics for GTAV as much as they did from GTA3 to GTASA (on the same platform) then I will be impressed.

    To be honest, I am not concerned, It is going to be an awesome game, I can just tell.
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    The animations look leaps better, which is great for the kind of game GTA is. IV was (visually) good enough but the animations show their age.
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    While I'm still more a Saints Row fan, I'll probably get this. I just kinda wish one of the 3 protagonists was female. That's just me I'm sure.
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    So the gameplay trailer

    I was blown back by the character switching gameplay. That's really going to make things fun! As soon as they said that was running on PS3 hardware I preordered it, thought I'd wait for a PS4 or PC version but the gameplay trailer looked good enough.

    Only 2 months off :)
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    Yep it looked so good. I just wonder how much control we have over player switching. If we have to use our own initiative then that is awesome.

    Either way, it looks really good, V. excited.
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    That's exactly my concern too! BUT having watched the vid a few times I think you can switch characters at any point. Reasons you ask?
    - why limit it?
    - AI seems smart enough
    - there was no indicator asking to switch
    - it's been said you can switch at any point during gameplay, no reason to block that during missions

    Ahhhh I can't wait for this! It looks like a perfect evolution of the sandbox genre and not just "serious GTA in HD".

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