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Guess What I Just Won

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dmw007, Apr 1, 2006.

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    I just won two brand-new Apple iPods...

    ...It all started tonight at the annual meeting for the credit union that I work for ( www.lebanonfcu.org ). At the annual meeting (a sort of banquet for members and employees) we have a part of the night spent handing out prizes which are won through a random drawing.

    All told, there were about 350-400 people attending. Well, when it came to hand out the "big ticket" prizes (iPods, Bose stereo system, mobile dvd player, etc...) the first person to be called was my mom who I gave one of my tickets to. So she walked up to the front of the room and picked out a black 60GB iPod 5G! :)

    The next person to be called was me! So I went to the front of the room and picked up the remaining iPod, a 1GB iPod Nano! :)

    So, I know have 3 iPods; my old 4GB iPod Mini, a 1GB iPod Nano, and a 60GB iPod 5G! :D I plan to give the 4GB iPod Mini to my middle sister and the 1GB iPod Nano to my youngest sister. My mom gave me the 60GB iPod since she knew how much I wanted to win it, plus, she realizes that she would not really use it

    So ya, I think that I am on Cloud Nine at the moment. Sorry to brag/boast, its just that I am a little excited at the moment! :)
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Wow, what a lucky evening! Enjoy the iPods.
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    I think I hate you..
    Congratulations! What a lucky April Fools day :). Now you have to update your signature.
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    Oops, I almost forgot...strapped to the box of the 60GB iPod was a $25 iTunes Music Store gift card. Which, I will give to my sisters to use (I have a job, so I can pay for my own songs).
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    Very noble of you
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    No need to be a hater. ;) :)

    Lucky indeed, I do not normally win such cool prizes. Heck, last year all that I won was the centerpiece on the table (which I gave to my mom).

    Working on that as we speak...err, I mean type. :D

    Thanks Benjamindaines, but it was simply the right thing to do. :)
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    That is AWESOME! I really want those!

    I need a new iPod. :(
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    Awesome indeed! I think that I am still trembling from the shock of winning.

    I would like to give you one...but think of the the sad faces that I would get from my sisters after telling them I gave you one. ;) :)
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    I am ALMOST as envious of you right now as I was when I heard Katie-Ta-Achoo won the free 15-inch Powerbook.

    Seems you had an awesome evening, very nice of you to help you sisters out, have fun!
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    mad jew

    You're very lucky dmw007. That's really cool. :)
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    LOL, I would never accept it! ;)
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    Oh, I am already having fun with the 60GB iPod 5G- downloading music and videos. :D

    Thanks mad jew! :)

    I suppose that I could be considered "lucky"- I have a teeny bit of Irish flowing in me veins. ;) :D
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    with so many ipods everywhere.. there like saturated in what is the greater americana.. ipods woo woo ipods are everywhere...:( :p
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    I would have to agree with you CubaTBird on your point concerning the widespread existence of iPods here in the U.S. At college it seems that every fourth person has the telltale Apple earbuds planted in their ears.
    Which is great for Apple and its stockholders. ;) :)
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    What a score! 60GB in the palm of your hand.

    Looks like today was your lucky day, congratulations.
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    Did you buy a lottery ticket on your way home?! :eek: Congrats! Did you have to purchase the raffle (I assume it was a raffle) tickets? At any rate, nice prizes.
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    Thanks lamina! :)

    Ha, that thought actually popped into my head...but no, I did not pick one up. :)

    Thanks, and no, I go two free tickets- one for me and one for my mom (my dad had to pay $20 for his; and he did not win. :rolleyes: ). :)
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    Electro Funk

    Awesome! Congrats...

    i just recently won a 1gb nano (black) at a business function as well (with a 15$ iTunes card)... I already have a 60gb 5g so i gave it to my girl... ;)

    She was quite happy when i got home... :cool:
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    Thanks, and congrats to you as well Electro Funk! :)

    I am sure that she was quite happy. My sisters were pretty thrilled to both receive their first iPods.
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    iPods make the world go round.
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    Not according to the IRAA :p
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    It would appear that they do indeed accomplish just that. ;) :)

    Ya, who cares what they have to say. :rolleyes: ;) :)
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    U luck fella....enjoy it

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    Thanks, and I most definitely am alreading enjoying it. I loved my iPod Mini, but this is sooooo much better (expect for the added size and weight- but the screen is worth it). :)
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    WOW! That is awesome...I went to a banguet as well this past winter and one of the prizes was a 2gb nano. I wanted it so bad, unfortunately my ticket wasn't drawn:(

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