Guess who I am.

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by mymemory, May 17, 2003.

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    Ok, you have 5 choices to choose who mymemory is:

    1. The bold guy at the left.
    2. The hairy guy on the top.
    3. The guy with glasses.
    4. The guy at the far right.
    5. Or... the nice girl (far from been a virgin) in the middle.

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    i'll go with the guy on the top, just for kicks. is the girl marrying all of you? do they do that there? :p :eek: :D
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    I'm gonna go with the guy on the far right. Looks more like a VJ than the other people.

    If he isn't you then I'm sorry. I'm sure you're a much better VJ than the other guy... ;)

    EDIT: I wouldn't recommed posting pictures of yourself on the web. You might get Photoshopped... *opens applications folder* :D
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    Doctor Q

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    Maybe it's a trick question. You could be the photographer. Or the person everyone's looking at!
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    Q, are you going for option 6. None of the above?
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    which target are you going for first?
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    Doctor Q

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    I always think outside the box. Or maybe I just can't follow simple directions.
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    tsk. i believe "think different" is the mac user term.
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    i think mymemory is that hairless :)D) guy on the left!!
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    So THIS is why the threads havn't been very active tonight...

    I'm going with option number seven. It is neither one of the five depicted nor the photographer, it is the character they are all grinning at to the photographer's right.
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    I'll take a guess...hmm...number 3 - the guy with the glasses. :)
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    Number 4 - Guy on far right
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    i'll go for the guy in the dress:eek:
    nah....saw your photo last time you posted it. the bold (?) guy on the left. you look a lot better in this photo:p
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    Re: Guess who I am.

    4. guy on the far right. looks like the most likely to be unable to spell or write grammatically correct sentences. :D no offense or anything. actually it was tricky, because the guy in the middle, number 2, looks like he escaped from a mental institute, but then i thought even crazy people can spell... ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    The last pic mymemory posted was one where he was seen from the back and he had no hair (shaved), so I'm going for the guy on the left.

    Why are we doing this?

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    Thank you for the grammar comment:mad: I have to have some defect to be consider human:rolleyes:

    melchior: the guy at the right... he is a car dealer, actually, he buy cars, dissapear them and get the money from the insurance company, he is not a VJ.

    Some of you are right btw and I'm in the picture.

    We are not marrying the girl, but she dated the car dealer and me a few years ago.:cool:
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    I reckon you are the hairy guy or the guy on the left.
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    Doctor Q

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    Sorry, that's ungrammatical. And if people are picking on mymemory for a spelling error, I don't want to open myself up to ridicule by speaking improper. I mean improperly.

    Well, it seems to be narrowed down to three choices, but I'll still pick "none of the above". I now guess that you are the boy (or the dog??) in this picture: The web page on which this image appears claims to be the resumé of artist Michael D. Main, but I'm judging by the name of the jpeg file and because the dog was barking in Spanish.
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    I think you're the bald guy on the left.

    When you made some grammar errors and spelling errors, you misspelled "bald" for "bold", which, I think, is a subconscious attempt to boost your ego.

    You've also publicly trashed two people in the picture, stating that the "nice girl is far from being a virgin" and that the guy on the right rips off insurance companies.

    A "bold" move, in my opinion. Ergo, I choose #1.

    Please continue to tell us dirt about the others in the picture that are NOT you...this is better than a daytime soap.:p
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    Sun Baked

    Re: Twisted Fantasy Night?

    With the way these threads have been getting twisted lately, I'd almost have to say...

    "The guy in drag in the middle" :eek:

    From the description (5) it sounds like the night that picture was taken ended with a bang.

    :p :p :p
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    ummm... maybe you need to reeducate yourself.

    in summary: if i say "think 'stupid,'" i don't mean think using stupidity (that would be "think stupidly"), i mean to think of stupidity, or, when thinking of something, to apply the concept of stupidity to it. likewise, "think different" is not an admonition to "think about something in a different way" (though that's basically what you end up doing), but an admonition to think about something by applying the concept of "difference" to it. when designing the new bridge, use a "different" frame of mind. it works fine. just a little ellipsis, perhaps. bah. stupid tangent.
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    I will just add that I think she is a very nice looking young lady. The men are handsome. From the comment of Mr. Anderson, I'll second it on the balding gentleman. Alot of women think that a bald man is very sexy! ;)
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    she is very beautiful... looks so... pure, heh. must be the white.
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    I thought is was "bold"... what "bold" means then?

    About "trashing" people, that is a very common thing here, it is not actually and insult.

    The nice thing of my country is that you can call some one "Hey! negro maricon, ven para acá" (Hey faget nigro come over here!). In the use that is way too much to get killed but down here it is a regular slang.

    If you come to Venezuela the first thing people are gonna do is to give you a nick name.

    "Chas" (the car dealer) it is one of my best friends, specially because he is a very experienced person, he just do not deal with drugs but everything realted with counterfeit (credit cards), insurances and all that stuff he had done it. Actally he got a turist visa for his girlfriend when the embassy was closed because of the riots:confused:
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    bold is fearless, courageous, generally considered a positive acjective to give someone.

    bald is hairless--usually via age, but a skinhead (who shaves his head to lose the hair) is also bald. bah, why am i analyzing these terms?

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