H2O unlimitted talk,text & data $60/mo

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sk8mfm, Sep 1, 2011.

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    How does it work?
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    I believe they are an AT&T MVNO so there would be no need to unlock and you would have similar coverage to AT&T prepaid. I'm not sure though.

    There are cheaper options out there that provide the same thing.
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    H2O unlimitted talk,text & data $60/mo

    Does anyone know if the new data unlimited plan thw MVNO H2O is offering is able to work on an iphone? Because for $60 it would be a bargain, provided that H2O uses at&t network and it is compatible with its 3G services.

    Here is the link to the article I read: http://www.mobileburn.com/chtml/mobile_story.jsp?Id=16457

    Please elaborate anyone.
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    YES, works with iPhone.

    I've been waiting for this. You can use your AT&T iPhone that is LOCKED on H2O wireless, because it runs on AT&T's network.
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    Wao, I'm selling my galaxy sII and going back to an iPhone 4 then :)
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    Oh how I wish I lived in the USA.
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    That's what I'm talking about. now all we need to find out if these 3G speeds are throttled or capped at an x amount of GBs.
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    i'd imagine the cap, if there was one, would be a minimum of 2gb. even so, it's still a much more affordable option and better value compared to at&t.
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    It works with iPhone but they don't give you enough data. 250 mb.
  11. awadeee, Sep 1, 2011
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    What do you mean by this?

    EDIT: Nvm, poster edited his post.
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    If you read the article well, the new plan includes unlimited data.
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    IF AT&T didn't suck in my area.. and I had a iPhone with them and not Verizon I would go to H2O.. only because it's cheaper tho... I honestly think I pay too much for my bill.. but that's just me.
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    Currently I have a galaxy SII, coming from a factory unlock iphone4. I was paying with at&t at times like $112.32/month and I just didn't find this monthly payment justified. With the galaxy SII, I can have the non-smartphone medianet data plan, but at&t still hits me up with their calling plan of $59.00 for 900mts/month and unl texting for an additional $20/month.

    So I see the H2O's new $60/month unl everything plan as a great, not just good but great alternative then paying an expensive bill. I'm still undecided b/c I don't really know if the data will work fine on an iphone, although some users have confirm that it does work, but what about texting and mms features? I would like a fully functional phone if I switch to H2O.
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    Do they offer any family plans? or is it simply $60 per phone
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    Data will work fine, you just have to change the APN. MMS you have to jailbreak to get that to work, unless there is another workaround that I am unaware of. Texting will work fine. H2O is, for all intents and purposes, AT&T. They run off the prepaid AT&T network. My iPhone 4 is on AT&T prepaid and everything works fine (except for visual voicemail). If my usage changes, I'll definitely hop on H2O.

    Be aware that AT&T prepaid doesn't have any roaming whatsoever. If roaming is important to you, then AT&T prepaid is not for you and you should stick with postpaid.
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    If you're using an unlocked SGSII, wouldn't you then be able to use AT&T's $50/month unlimited prepaid?
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    I will look into it. Can the at&t prepaid plan work on an iphone?
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    if you Jailbreak+Unlock then cut the SIM down it MIGHT be possible. Google it.
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    Yeah I do have a SIM cutter right. I wonder if the data speeds would be throttled.
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    So what are the downsides? It just sounds too good to be true: unlimited everything for only a fraction less of what you'd pay AT&T (and even then you won't have unlimited data). You even get $20 international calling, which I personally would use if I had it. If it really does use the AT&T network, coverage shouldn't be any more of any issue than it is now. What should stop me from immediately canceling my contract with AT&T and moving to H2O wireless then?
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    It's very easy to use AT&T prepaid on an iPhone. You can even just get a micro-sim from AT&T if you need.. don't need to worry about cutting one down.

    Voice and text will work right away, and you'll need to change the apn for data to work. No need for jailbreaking or unlocking.
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    Im porting my number from pay as you go att to h20 today!
    ive used h20 back when they only had the 50 mb plan and everything worked on my iphone 4 and it wasnt even unlocked

    Right now I pay $75 for unlimted talk and text with 500 mb of data

    Im really looking forward to this unlimted data for $60
    im not sure if its throttled or not
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    Wonder if they have a family plan?

    Currently we have 4 iPhones on a 700 minute family plan with unltd text and data, mobile to any mobile, aList. We have our google voice #'s set up on aList so in reality we have unltd calling.

    Our bill for family plan with above is with my 25% employer discount is : $195 plus taxes. Unltd data, unltd text, unltd calling(google voice on aList).
  25. Block, Sep 2, 2011
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    Something isn't adding up.

    $52.50 for 700 Minutes Family Plan (25% FAN)
    $22.50 for Unlimited Data Main Line (25% FAN)
    $90.00 for Unlimited Data Lines 2-4
    $20.00 for Two Additional Lines 3-4
    $30.00 for Unlimited Family Texting
    $215.00 Before Tax and Regulatory Fees

    This is assuming that you have either talked to the retention department or found some other means of getting Family 700 with A-List. Otherwise, A-List requires that you have a Family 1400+ plan, which would make the minimum $230.00 Before Tax and Regulatory Fees.

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