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Hackers Hijack PC's for Sex Sites

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by macfan, Jul 11, 2003.

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    From the story.


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    Re: Hackers Hijack PC's for Sex Sites

    thats classic :)

    I told my friend i had a virus on my pc computer, he asked which one, and I said "windows". he didn't get it. then again he is one of those people that believes shoving a glowstick in a pc case makes it "a mod". lol.

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    That is classic...Here's my favorite quote:

    " Computer owners can protect themselves by using firewall software or hardware, which prevent unauthorized entry and use of computers, Mr. Smith said. The rogue program does not affect the Apple Macintosh line of computers or computers running variants of the Unix operating system."
  4. Wes
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    I feel extra safe being in the two categories that are unaffected. :D
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    thats what you deserve if you buy a pc
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    Well, yeah it may be funny for us but people do use PC's for work, ie. my school work.
    If all the school computers go down that means all our work is gone etc.
    Well, through teh airport my PC should be ok for now.

    Ah well, what can you do to stop a bunch of horny hackers...
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    I have my Win2000 PC (plus my Mac) connected to the net 24/7 without any virus or protection software. You only get problems if you are dumb enough to use Outlook or do lots of P2P and go to porn/warez sites. The only time I got a virus on my PC was when one of my friends went to a porn site on my PC and downloaded a virus thinking it was an image.
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    I hope you don't really mean that.

    You know, some people are forced to buy PCs because their job requires it, or because the software they use to make a living is only availiable for Windows, etc.

    And for other people a PC is just the better choice. I am one of those people. When you have $700 to spend on a computer and it is a choice between a 2.4GHz pentium 4 (533MHz FSB) or a 400MHz G4 (100 MHz FSB), most people would choose the PC. I was one of those people. For a gamer a PC is the better choice, they run games better and they have more games.

    As for the article, how could these 'hikacked' computers be used for porn?

  9. Wes
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    Mirror the websites? All bandwidth could be used.
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    I wouldn't mind to have some porn in my computer in the morning:D
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    i meant for the average home user
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    haha! Comeon there are tons of places man... not that I know anything...

    Heck yeah, even broacast images, put the computer as a hosting of there material... :(

    Sad thing.
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    Honest I don't know anything...Porn?? What' that?...Well I never :rolleyes:
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    what about linux ... is buying a classic pc with the x86 hardware something bad if you run linux? for you ?
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    Friend huh? Funny, this reminds me when I had a hickey...And I tried to hide it yet my dad saw it and asked what I happened...Surprised, the only lame excuse I could conjure up was "A mosquito bite me". My dad's reply was, "That mosquito better not bite you again"....Just thought I'd share that.

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