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Hackers Install Leopard on Intel PCs

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I noticed this on torrent sites a few days ago. I knew it wouldn't be long before it got cracked. My friend is probably very happy, though he seemed content running his Tiger hack. Pretty cool.
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    you knew it would happen, though i'm surprised this soon
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    Once again :rolleyes:, the underlying DailyApps article (which was first seen here on Saturday), implies piracy. You have to start with a "patched" version of Leopard. Old news.... very old news... even for MacBytes which has already posted a previous article pointing out the hack.
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    how does it run?

    how does a "hacked tiger install" preform on a pc?
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    I _thought_ I'd posted one already, but couldn't remember, so I ran with it again. I've pulled it off today now - thanks for pointing it out.
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    You're very welcome. I appreciate your contributions.
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    Oh Snap!
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    This is great news, IMO.

    I don't know why Apple doesn't open up its OS to allow for installation on other machines.

    I am sure they would lose out on some hardware sales - so I understand that part of it. But wouldn't that cost be ofset by software sales?
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    Well lets just say he built the whole machine for $400 (Already had a case and hard drive), and running Tiger SMOKED my Macbook out of the water, especially with Photoshop CS3.

    It was originally a hobby/experiment (we had 3 other computers in the apartment) but it ran so well that he used it as a main computer.

    Now the downside is.. you can't just perform software updates. That will crash the OS. And certain things you can't do and some tinkering with the OS will cause Kernel panics. I don't know much more about it, but i know it was rock solid in the year that he lived here running it.

    He offered to build me one but I'm happy with my Apple made product.
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    oh rite i was thinking o trying it out tay just as a c if i kin do type thing..
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    Only if they sold enough to compensate
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    Because OS X is next to useless on third party hardware, it's so restrictive in what hardware you can use. The beauty of OS X is that it's designed to work on specific hardware (unlike Windows). It does a fantastic job with hardware 'just working'. It wouldn't quite be the same if Apple opened it up.

    Also, Apple did open up the OS for a while, back in the days when they were losing buckets of money. Look where that got them. It took SJ to stop that practice and get Apple going again.
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    So thats what those Apple stickers included are for!
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    oh rite i was thinking o trying it out tay just as a c if i kin do type thing..

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