Hacking theatre ticketing systems?

Discussion in 'Community' started by eyelikeart, Jun 5, 2002.

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    Last night I went to see "Sum of All Fears" with a buddy of mine. I paid cash for my ticket at the window, and he got his at the automated credit card/ticket machine. When I went over to meet him at the machine, he's got this crafty smile on his face. Then he says, "guess what I did?"

    I jokingly say, "u hacked the computer, didn't u?" His smile just got even bigger, so I walk over to the system...and somehow he got into the OS of the ticket machine. It displayed everything: Firmware version, IP address, OS info...etc...etc...

    I know most corporate computer systems aren't usually Mac based, but has anyone here ever come across something like this?

    ps: I figured even though we have a few new discussions going on, I wanted to share my story...so a new thread might bring some interesting discussion?
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    Mr. Anderson

    So give us some detials, how did he get to the root level of the system, what OS was it running.....
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    Did he get his ticket for free then? :eek:
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    Re: Hacking theatre ticketing systems?

    I just hang out side the theater exits and run in the door before they close. that way i dont have to pay for movies. Sometimes I even troll around on the theater floor looking for loose milk duds.... at least i think they are milk duds.
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    Not a good advertisement for Mac OS security......... :eek: :p
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    I don't think Eye was saying that the machine was a Mac, just asking if anyone has encountered something like that with a Mac...I could be wrong though...I am sure Eye will clear this up. Besides, I think most things like that still run OS/2.
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    the system was not Mac OS based...

    I need to ask him what the system software was called because I do not remember it...

    he did manage to jot down the IP address...he's pretty good with playing dirty...:eek: ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    So how was the movie? Have you read the book?
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    I hope they've done the book justice. Tom Clancy is one of my favourite fiction novelists.
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    I have not read the book yet...but the movie was really intense. Character development was a bit typical for the main guy (Ben Affleck), and even though the plot almost followed the "they all lived happily ever after" conclusion, it was still pretty well conceived.

    It was honestly a bit "real" since we've experienced terrorism of similar proportions just last year. I wasn't too keen on Ben Affleck as a serious actor, as I still picture him as the mall bullie Mallrats...he he he... :D. This movie has changed my opinion a bit...and as always...Morgan Freeman did a really good job.

    It really makes u wonder how the world is truely going to end...with everyone having nuclear weapons...it's scary when u think of the destruction we as humans can have upon one another... :(

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