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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by switters, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Hopefully I posted it in the right forum ;)

    let me know if you like/hate/understand the concept...

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    I don't totally get the concept, maybe I should put more thought into it, but I do like it! :)
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    I am sorry but I don't get it. It just seems very random.
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    Really like the bolted sky thing, the children however seem to be floating very high above the ground especially when compared to the flower (maybe i missed something) and the plane at the top left seems a bit out of place like it doesnt belong.
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    new desktop, that is well cool.
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    sorry but I also don't get it. and I studied at an art school with a bunch of weirdos. :eek:

    It's too random imo.
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    i'll take a stab it seems to say something about protecting children from war??! is that right, i don't get the sky image in the middle if thats the case unless it has to do with the environment too
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    I get it you are a tofu eating tree hugging hippy...
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    A few criticisms. Firstly I'm not too sure what is meant to be purposely surreal and what is bad execution. As has been pointed out are the people meant to be floating.

    But what I find most upsetting to my delicate sensibilities, is the clashing colours. Bright primaries with earth shades. I also think the black is a bit stark, maybe some stars would help.

    But then again I have no idea what your brief is.
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    The floating thing corrected.

    It's about beig a kid, being sheltered from the bad things in life, war, etc...

    Our parents (my) parents made belief that life was rosy when I was a kid, it was in a sense. Behind the hinges of happiness and beautiful skies was reality; reality isn't alway that good.
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    What's the black line in the middle with the metal looking things attached to it?

    I don't even know where to begin understanding this one, but I'm not the type to go around analyzing art either.
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    Scarlet Fever

    after reading that, i understand your concept. I like it :)

    i think there is too much contrast between dark and light, thougj. Maybe some brown or more red in the top would suit better?
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    yep i agree the black needs some stars. plus they would help with the distiction between light and dark you are going for. :)
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    The metal things are door bolts.
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    I think it's very creative and well-done. I also believe there's a lot of interpretation to be done by the beholder. I agree with your concept of being sheltered as children.
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    I love it.

    I too was sheltered by my parents - you could argue that any good parent would of course want to shelter their kids from the hatred in the world. It rears its head all too clearly though as you approach teens and beyond.

    Still, I've since sheltered myself since in a way. There are some news stories I can't read, and I choose to live in a small town that is far enough away from a city so that we're enclosed in a nice residential pocket, but close enough so i'm within reach of activity.

    I think most people censor their world.
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    Thanks for the response...

    I will def. work on that dark upper rectangle; it's supposed to be dark and non integrated with the beautiful scene down below. But, I will change it somehow.

    As for the 'tofu eating hippy' comment, I hope that you are not judging me by my profile picture, as it is a photo montage of a male and a female. pretty convincing huh.
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    I think it'd be much better if rather than having (essentially) three thoughts/pictures stacked on top of one another which doesn't give the sense of depth (kids at the bottom, doors with clouds on them, and then negative things in the world at the top), you should make it look more three dimensional. Work with the doors and have one of them be opened somewhat, and in front of the doors are the kids and in the background behind the doors is the negative stuff.

    As it is...it's just three thoughts stacked on top of one another.
    The work you've done with reflections and texture work is good...I just don't think it meshes together well in terms of the point or idea you're trying to portray.

    ..just my thoughts.

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