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Hah, now I remember what iOS 7 looks like

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by dhinged, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Mid-range Chinese Android knock-off phones of the last several years. That's the first thought I got, right at the back of my mind. Couldn't put my finger on it until I saw an ad for one of them. Bam.
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    Your join date says it all.
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    Now I remember what this thread reminds me of, feces.
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    I wish there was a one week cooling off period before newbies can start threads...
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    Chinese knockoffs? Don't you mean android?
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    Well, I guess any change is good change with Apple.
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    Good idea actually, would eliminate a load of one time trolls/flame starters.


    Oh do shut-up...
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    +1! Love that they presented an overhaul, any overhaul.
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    Oh yah, I forgot saying anything bad about Apple fanboy's precious device sets them into a tizzy. Apple can't possibly design a bad-looking interface, cause Jony Ive is their Jesus. Nevermind that Scott Forstall didn't design interface elements that can barely be distinguished from each other as buttons, fields, tabs, or just text. I thought Android made this mistake with Ice Cream Sandwich's Holo (ahem, Tron) theme, but how dare I point out that Apple made the same mistake. Let me go read those articles that say how to make the exact same interface in Microsoft Word or Paint.
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    The anger you exude towards a UI is very strange.

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    So everyone is obligated to agree with you, or they're fanboys? It has nothing to do with Apple, really. I'm pretty sure the majority of people would agree that the Holo theme looked better than what came before it.

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