Haha Stupid windows site

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by spuncan, Jul 28, 2001.

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    what are you smoking??
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    pot holing

    i dunno wot hes on but i want sum!
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    U guys weird.
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    motherf.. microsoft

    god... how i hate them... and there's that gates pig.......

    why is he still alive??
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    HE isn't dead cause...

    I haven't pied him with a expolsive bomb yet.... Soon the time will come, soon.
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    gates has worms

    Will a virus kill him, or just his software?
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    Less ram maybe

    YOu know, what if one gave Bill Gates less ram. Like only 16mb. Maybe then he'll crash. Or put him in a super drive and erase all contents of the dvd then make it non rewritable. I dont know what do u think.


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    billy butt**** gates

    Us macintosh rebels must kill geeklord gates.
    I suggest tearing off his testacles and stuffing 1 up each nostril.

    "i think i have a plan sire"
    "wot is it now Baldric?"


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    I said a pie bomb now will you help me????? I need a person who can make a pie... I have the pipe...
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    okay, hold up a second

    sure we all think gates can go thumb himself, but really this discussion was not started about him. start a new thread about how much you hate him.
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    I did

    There, Okay.
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    now i understand wot that weird thread woz about, that i replied to.

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