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Halloween costumes

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Pika, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Allow me to introduce you my Halloween costume!


    What's yours ? :D
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    I'm stopped going trick-or-treating years ago. So, there's really no point on me commenting on this topic. But, I have to say, that costume is AWESOME!
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    You don't have to go trick or treating to wear a costume...

    there are costume parties and stuff like that..
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    I haven't dressed for Halloween since 1986. Perhaps it's because I've never been invited to a Halloween party since then maybe that's why I don't care for the holiday. ;)
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    Well your typical costume:

    Guy1 - Hey what's your costume dude?

    Guy2 - im my costume :D

    lol lame..
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    We don't do Halloween here in Australia, I'll be wearing my usual clothes and telling the handfuls of kids attempting to trick or treat that Halloween isn't celebrated in Australia and to stop trying to appropriate US traditions.

    Then if they whinge I'll call the cops and tell them to stop trespassing on my property.

    Easily my favourite time of year... :D
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    I'm gonna be pedo bear, and give EVERYONE HUGS! :D
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    Im going to party.

    Most people hate going to furry cons after a while. Well, maybe not HATE but they seem to not have fun anymore at them. Reason being? Same people same old same old, and it winds up being a chore to budget all that money and time to something so predictable. Sure friends make the convention better, but is it really worth the oppertunity cost spent?

    My friend chad has con burn out, and has cut back on the amount of conventions he attends, granted these are anime, comic book conventions, but it's pretty much the same venue. For the past 3 years i've been going to only 2 conventions a year, Ohayocon an anime convention and Hamvention, a qusai hamradio convention. Ham vention's high lights are buying a new radio and browing miles of rows in the flea markets, looking through all the gypsy treasures.

    Now i've never attended a furry con, and i'm planning to skip out on hamvention this year to attend morphicon(which fall on the same weekend) I pretty much got burnout at hamvention, it's mostly beer vention, so maybe skipping a year will make it better when i go back to it. I hear for the most part furry cons are boring and mundane. YES mundane for people who loathe the very word! People mostly keep to themselves, and there's not as much programming as the sci-fi conventions. Pretty much the same fursuiters or costumers in the same costumes all over again! Problem: no masuarade competions at MOST conventions. Now morphicon is one of the few that incorperate a competition into the masuarades, which i think is AWSOME and can't wait to get my suit judged.

    Do they even hand out prizes for best skits? i dunno, if they handed out more prizes that would increase the fun i think. There could be pantomining competitions and awards, be it ia simple scribble on a peice of paper would be prestigois enough to get more people involved. Maybe a pupper skit competition, where it's under 3 minutes and prizes are handed out? Maybe some more fursiting games and contests, like guitar hero contest in suit?

    I mean there's only so many panels you can go to, the hentai panel is the same at ohayocon every year, so they have to keep new competitions coming in every year to offset some of the boring panels.

    OHHHH furry cons NEED to have an AMV contest, yes, that would rule!

    Really all conventions get boring after a while if it's the SAME shows and the SAME programming, hence they need to CHANGE programming and add new things and take out old things. Morphicon as small as it might be looks fun because they seem to have a diverse array of programming, ie star gazing, masquarade, auctions for charity, and it's close to home.
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    Doctor Q

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    My wife and I went to a Halloween costume store today and talked about having a costume party. (We talk about it every year and we never actually arrange it.) We liked the Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes and a couple of other husband-and-wife pairs.

    If you and three friends want to go trick-of-treating together, they had adult-size costumes for all four Teletubbies!
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    nice costumes i think ill be jim carreys retarded tinkerbell from ace ventura
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    I desperately need costume ideas. Preferably female. Non-sexy due to children at party. I can't think of anything funny this year!
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    I'm using the same costume as every year ... The Invisible Man. ;)
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    I guess I never thought of it as an American Holiday...Wonder what other countries celebrate Halloween?
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    Me and my girlfriend are going to a party as Jon and Kate. Except she's asain so she is going as Jon and I'm going as Kate.
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    Unfortunately it has become more popular here in New Zealand over the last few years (probably due to American TV shows). It's really a rather silly "holiday" since you're tlling kids NOT to take candy from strangers for the other 364 days of the year. :rolleyes:
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    This is a costume from 2002. I wore this to a work costume party at the corporate HQ and I did NOT get fired for it!

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    I just ordered This costume.

    I'm going to bust into my friend's party screaming "IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME"
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    Female Rorschach. Was pretty easy to make.

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    My girlfriend and I are going as black people. "Urban" black people.
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    You should have a friend dress up as a lawyer and follow Jon around.
    Have Jon whisper into his ear for everything and have the lawyer say "I do not advise you to say that." :D
    Oh and you mispelled Asian. Took me 3 minutes to figure that out. I thought you were calling her assinine :eek:
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    Andrew K.

    That's Awesome! :) I'm working on my Comedian costume, using real leather for straps (making myself) with rivets and aluminum for the shoulder armor, I already have the belt made also aluminum and leather, I want it to be as close to the real thing as possible, oh and the happyface button of course! I'm going to a party this friday so I'll have pics after! One of my friends is going as Silk Spectre II.
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    Heh, wait until after next week in Key West. I'll have some pictures for this thread and a lot more that I can't put in this thread. :D
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    Bear Hunter


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