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Halo 3 collectors editions warning

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Coded-Dude, Sep 25, 2007.

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    more confirmation of this by other stores and end users....so be weary if you are getting this version.

    cheers and good luck.
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    Yeah, I've seen a lot of videos of this happening....Thats one of the reasons I got the standard edition.

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    is it the same on the legendary edition?
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    from what i've read, no. the helmet holds the disks (to my understanding)
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    i just got my regular edition copy at EB (he said almost 500 sold thus far) but I overheard him telling the other people that if the game disc is scratched to return it to the store but if the bonus disc is scratched then you have to deal with MS.

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    No, in the Legendary it does not come with a tin, it comes in a regular green box with a cool Black sleeve.
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    I have the Legendary Edition, so I ain't worried. And yeah, it's the regular plastic box, but it's a little different than the regular edition.
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    My limited edition version arrived today scratched to bejesus, took it back to the retailer who swapped it for yet another scratched to bejesus version. After wasting several hours running back and forth to the retailer, I just returned it for a refund as I'm too annoyed with the hassle. Microsoft can keep Halo 3, the problem with the limited edition version is just down to a really crap disc retention mechanism and I'm having none of it.
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    Why didn't you open it in the store to check the condition before taking home the replacement copy? Or...exchange it for the standard edition, which doesn't have the scratching issues? :confused:
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    I was in a rush and it was the last limited edition copy they had, so they just put it in a bag and away I went. I forgot to mention that the two friends I know who bought the same version of the game had scratched discs too. I know I could have exchanged it for the standard edition, but returning it outright was my petty protest at a sub-standard product. I'll maybe pick up the standard edition at some point in the future when it maybe drops in price a bit, I was just too pissed off at Microsoft at the time to keep it. (I know its extremely petty, but I felt better)
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    you should go ahead and return your 360 during your protest too. Cause they did a great job manufacturing that (sarcasm). At what point will they destroy the name xbox with all this crap?
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    I bought the tin and the discs were fine, but after reading this i'll keep them in plastic wallets in the tin i think.
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    If you're discs are ok now then you're fine. The problem is that the disc holder isn't good enough to hold the discs securely during transit, so if they came loose then they'd rattle around inside the box, causing a lot of scratching in the process. If your copy managed to arrive with the discs still in the holders, then you're OK.
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    Yeah, every copy we sold this morning was the same. Had a couple back, but the scratches we're minimal.
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    Even if the discs play fine, can you really blame customers for returning them? When you buy something new, shouldn't you expect it to be in near pristine condition, not like something that you would buy used?

    Now, does all of this mean that there will now be plenty of scratched, used copies available at a discount?
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    Both mine are scratched (just got it in the mail a few hours ago).
    Game disc is not too bad, I'm sure it would work.
    Extras disc is scratched bad.

    Going to take them back to a Best Buy store and exchange them right after I (lightly) shake the copies they have to see if I can find one without loose discs. You can certainly hear a difference...I mean, the stuff on the inside (art book, poster, instructions) does move around, but not like the resilient "ping" noise of the discs hitting the metal of the case.

    BTW - this is the "Limited Edition" version ;) (there's regular, Limited Edition, and Legendary Edition)

    And mine had plastic disc holders, not foam. ;)
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    I've taken it back several times and there practically all scratched .. you think microsoft would spend a bit extra money when you pay more for a Special Edition... lame:mad: i would just stick to the regular or legendary edition
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    Took mine back yesterday after work around 4pm ish CST. First copy I picked up sounded ok but while waiting in the returns/exchanges line I heard the disc pop loose and start sliding around so I grabbed another off the shelf and heard no "loose disc" noises. Opened it while being checked out and everything was perfect...discs nice and snug in their holders.

    I will be copying N10248's idea though and putting the discs in some single disc sleeves and then putting those sleeves inside the box. Good idea btw ;)

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