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Halo 3 Rumors......

Discussion in 'Games' started by saunders45, Jun 21, 2005.

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    While i take it at face value, it still sound cool

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    Here's my contribution to the Halo 3 Rumormill:

    The storyline will be better than it was in Halo 2. :) How could it not be?

    I'll still go back and play the first installment, but the second one wasn't even worth playing once, let alone multiple times.
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    Yeah, there were, like 3 levels that were fun to play, the rest sucked.
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    Cool, but i need to beat the first halo
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    I'm still waiting for Halo 2 to come out for Macs.
  6. 7on
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    Yeah, we better get Halo 2 (as well as PCs) because without 2 I doubt the computer versions would skip from 1 to 3 because I am not getting an XboX 360º
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    I agree. I've played Halo one single player more times than I can count.
    I don't own Halo 2, (I've played it) and I don't think I'd want to play that single player more than say 5 times over. MAX

    The multiplayer in Halo 2 is friggin' amazing though.
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    It's allllll about Legendary. :D You will get your ass handed to you on a platter. Many times over. But it's definitely worth it! Speaking of which, I need to go play that again...

    I also wish they'd come out with Halo 2 for Mac. But seeing as the original Halo barely ran sufficiently on my most recent iBook, I doubt Halo 2 performance would pass muster.
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    Ain't gonna come to Macs. Halo 2 uses Havok.
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    Am I the only one that thinks Halo is lame? Long live UT!

    I liked Durandal a lot, but after that Bungie took a nose dive IMO.
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    Yup, still waiting for Halo 2 for Mac/PC...and I doubt this rumor to be true. Didn't the new maps for Halo 2 just came out?
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    UT 2004 is fast and fun, but Halo is not that lame, just slower.
    By the way, how do you survive in Legendary? Throw a lot of grenades?
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    Throw a lot of grenades, sneak up on the enemy and kill them silently with a whack to the head, snipe the hunters from behind, use up every last weapon lying around... and a LOT of duck 'n' cover.

    And even that won't help in some situations. Try, try again! :p
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    Nope, i do too - it's definitly worth playing, and possibly even buying, now that compusa has it down to $30 - but it is the most OVERRATTED GAME OF ALL TIME! Really - theres nothing revolutionary about it! UT is better, for a more "skilled" game, there is allied assult. Halo 2 was pretty pathetic though.
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    Switching between the covenant pistol and battle rifle.

    In Halo CE, it was the cov pistol and human pistol combo that was best.
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    Yea, Halo... I don't like it. I've completed the single player campaign and I didn't enjoy it. The only thing I like about Halo is how players jump in/out of vehicles.

    UT2004 ALL THE WAY!!! :D:D:D

    BTW, I can easily beat Xan in 1on1 on Godlike :D. Usually the score is 10:0 in my favor, sometimes 10:1 lol. Onces it was 20:-1!!!
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    i have done the whole of halo 2 in legendary and i never once used the n00b combo, i just take it one step at a time and pick enemies off one by one, however the only way i ever managed to kill the end brute guy was takeing a banshee into the room (it's possible) and blasting him just as he is sniped.

    halo was always about the multiplayer co-op is the best part of the game and it's a great shame they never managed to get it working over xbox live, the trouble with the single player levels is that when your playing as the arbiter all the enemies and allies look the same so you get confused allot, also the arbiter bits are dark and who the hell likes playing i game where they cant see whats going on (doom 3 is a prime example).

    as for halo 3 my six wants are

    1) normal optimatch as an option
    2) have stats linked to your performence not your teams, i'm tired of my rank going down in games where i get 20 kills to 8 deaths but i have three n00bs who died 42 times and got three kills between them
    3) co-op over live
    4) fix the damn lag on sword and sniper games, if your fighting anyone not from the same country you can shoot them in the head assassinate them and shoot them with rockets, you see them die then come back to life and kill you, WTF.
    5) make it so when someone leaves the game it dose not blue screen for 5 mins, and fix lagging out, i'm tired of it looking like everyone leaves but me then finding my rank has gone down
    6) get rid of the giant number by your name branding your skill, sure have ranks but bungie make it far too competitive that you never end up actually having fun just stressing out and if anyones a higher level then you they expect you to kiss there feet.
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    will it be better than Halo 2? or even pull out ALL the stops and beat Halo 1?

    Halo 1. co-op. Xbox. 2 Halo single player pros. excellent.
    co-op in Halo 2 was poo. the only thing going for H2 was Xbox Live, and even then i used Xlink!

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