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Halo being ported to Mac?

Discussion in 'Games' started by coolocity, Jun 24, 2002.

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    Does anyone know if or when Halo will be ported to the mac? I know that bunji (the company that made halo) used to make a ton of mac games. I've heard of Halo being ported to the PC, but it only seems fair that a once mac-only software company would release it to the mac as well. Anybody know anything about this?

    - John
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    Ensign Paris

    I think Bunji was bought my M$ for the XBox project, I think this means that it will come, but not for a long while!

    Can anyone confirm Bunji being bought? I can't remember if it was them :)

  3. job
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    Bunji lol :D

    It's Bungie, and yes they were bought out. They made the Marathon series and the first two Myth games for the Mac.

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    Oh the good ol' days.... :(
  5. job
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    Yep. The days of playing "King of the hill" with friends over a Appletalk LAN will be sorely missed. :(
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    Actually the first time i saw HALO was being displayed by one of the Bungie dudes during what apppeared to be some sort of MAC seminar...i believe it was a MAC expo of some sort....
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    has anyone played the game yet? Is it good?
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    I've played Halo on my M$ xbox, which I'm selling to get my new iMac :D It's definately the best console game I've ever played.
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    I have played it, on my friend's X-Box...and it was freakin' amazing...it blew Half-Life, my previous fav. FPS, out of the water. And for those of you wondering, Bungie IS bringing Halo to the Mac...yes, you heard me correctly...it HAS BEEN CONFIRMED...HALO IS COMING TO THE MAC! The only problem is when...and that may not be until late late 2002 or 2003...until then...let's drool over this wonderful game. For those of you looking for more of a Halo fix, but don't have any way to play it can go to halo.bungie.org (a non-Bungie site) that has tons of great movies (check out Warthog Jump!) and TONS of other info. Check it out!


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