Halo demo released

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 26, 2005.

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    A demo what.. 2 years after it was released? Im pretty sure demo's are supposed to come BEFORE the game ships.
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    redeye be

    Indeed, this is pretty lame.
    I was hoping for a Mac and PC demo version of halo 2 when i read the thread title. :(
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    Better late than never.
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    I'm gonna have to side with these other two kind folks and say no, no it's pretty frakkin' useless.
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    It's far from useless--it's useful AND fun for people who don't own Halo, but are interested. Most of the world doesn't have the latest, fastest machines, and so games that aren't the latest are still fun. Now, we can try before we buy.

    Useless? To some people yes, to some people no.

    So FAR better late than not at all.
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    My point was...

    its stupid because its a demo for a 2 year old game. Thats completely ass backwards. Sure.. if I hadn't bought the game I would definately go out and grab the demo. Hell, my computer (Dual 800) barely runs the game very well, but I still play it for hours on end just about every day.

    /need a PS2.. see that new game with the derby cars and the guy flying out of the car? THATS FRICKEN AWESOME!
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    I'd much rather see demos before release, or soon after.

    I hope MacSoft sees a few sales because of this, to remind them of the value of a demo.
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    Yeah, I'd be hoping for a demo of Halo 2 at this point. The game did come out in November of 04', which is certainly grounds for some ports in the near future (certainly PC well before Mac of course).

    Halo on the other hand is super old. And this "try before you buy thing" is great, but timeliness is the key and in this regard Macsoft is a little late in the game.

    For anybody who hasn't gotten into the Halo series, it's best experienced on the XBOX since it seems to smoke most PC & Mac systems even with great hardware...that & you get Live for Halo 2 which is like crack.
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    My college Anatomy and Physiology Professor once said, to a stuent coming in an hour late to a two hour class. "Better never than this late." The student turned and left.

    Come on MacSoft, it's a little late in the game to be pulling this rabbit out of your ass.
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    I downloaded it and ran it, and the mouse is so jittery/jumpy I can barely get through the setup menus, much less play the game. UT2K3 is more fun.

    I already wasn't a Halo fan, and this didn't help.

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