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Discussion in 'Games' started by Durandal7, Nov 25, 2002.

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    So, what are the odds of Halo ever actually coming out for computers? M$ says it will be next summer but then again the Xbox doesn't have much going for it other then Halo. Will we ever see it and if so what kind of system requirements?
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    Re: Halo

    dude, i am so tired of this xbox bashing ****. Halo is not the only good game, xbox is the best system, and the most advanced, so get over your little Microsoft hatrid and realize there are plenty of awesome games, splinter cell, the xbox live service, etc...

    Keep an open mind!

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    I'm not really Xbox bashing here. All I'm wondering is that with Halo one of the best sellers for Xbox if M$ will delay the computer release.

    Lighten up :rolleyes:
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    Mr. Anderson

    I wonder if it does come out, will we see it for PC first and then later in the Mac, or will Bungie pull enough weight to get them both out at the same time?

    Also, I wonder what the minimum requirements would be to run it smoothly?

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    It actually looks like Westlake has began porting for Bold.

    I would guess 800mhz, 64MB VRAM, 384MB RAM at minimum. Maybe a 32MB card if you want to run with low resolution and low settings.
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's what I was fearing - my fastest machine currently is my 667 TiPB rev C. This won't be a proble next year when I get the new PowerMac - and the way things are going I'll probably get the new mac before the game becomes available.

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    I'm basing that on some of the Xbox specs I've read before. I believe that the Xbox has a 733mhz processor but I'm probably wrong. Counting system tasks I would guess around 800mhz, and you would want Altivec.
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    Re: Re: Halo

    You realize your on a M$ hating site? He wasn't bashing it. Most will agree that Halo is overall one of the best (if not the best) console games. It's just that systems like PS2 have more quality games. Once XBOX gets games as popular as Halo, no one will be flaming XBOX too bad.
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    Halo is supposed to be available in the summer for Mac and PC.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Re: Re: Halo

    I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a M$ hating site - we like to bash it as the Evil Empire, but hate might be too strong a word for most members in general.

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    your correct - a PIII 733/nVidia GF2MX (equivelent). it is effectivley an nForce 1 mobo with a p3 on it instead of an athlon. It also has only 64MB of PC133 RAM so your system should at least double that for safety , preferably go for 512MB, lots of OSX clearance for your CPU(s).
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    The only thing the XBox has going for it at the moment is progressive output. Other than that it has been and is being shown that the latest games coming out for the PS2 are stomping the XBox in graphics. It has taken developers 3 years to fully take advantage of the power of the PS2. Apparently the programing language is very difficult but once mastered the PS2 is actually more powerful than any other current console.

    All previous performance comparissons were done before developers had really released games fully utilizing the PS2 emotion engine. Now that they have you would not believe the new games coming out. It's like the difference between a PS One game and the PS2 games when the PS2 was first released. The new games are that much better.
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    Re: Halo

    the others have given a good estimate of the system requirements, but you also have to remember that despite the processing power of the xbox, i think that halo is actually limited at 30fps (correct me if i'm wrong) so it may not take a real power machine to run the thing. as far as ps2 games go, there is definitely a lot of room for better graphics on the machine, but as far as it's graphics being able to outdo the gamecube and xbox, taht's kind of sketchy, the thing only has a 4meg video card and 297mhz processor, right? i have to admit, gran tourismo 3 is one hell of a good looking game and it's a shame that developers have not taken full advantage of the machine's power (moh drops frames in a lot of places).
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    Re: Re: Halo

    What's being shown now is that GranTurismo 3 sucks. The graphics for that game were just the beggining. The true power of the PS2 is just being shown now with the very latest games.

    It is true that the hardware doesn't have large numbers but the architecture is there and the processor has some real potential that is finally being utilized. I would give specifics but I don't remember the exact details. There was another thread recently with more details I think it was one of these.



    You can also do a search of the console websites. There was a rush of coverage recently on the real potential of the PS2.
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    A little harsh

    "What's being shown now is that GranTurismo 3 sucks" MacBanndit

    I love GT3 it's awesome game, the graphics at the time it came out were awesome and there's no real reason to say it sucks unless you going to compare it to another game that came out a few years after! after it. Please don't bash that game, it is my fav racing game.... yeah.

    PowerBook G4 1GHZ
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    Re: A little harsh

    I know, I know. I should have explained exactly what I mean more. I love GT3 and don't mean to put down the game at all. I was referring to the fact that GT3 was being held up as a comparisson for graphics between the PS2 the XBox and the GameCube. What I was meaning to say was that now that the true potential of the PS2 is starting to be used the graphics in GT3 are in comparrison as cruddy as GT2 to GT3. If they were to rewrite GT3 now using there full knowledge of the programming language that they have now the graphics would blow your mind.
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    from what ive read and my own experience, xbox is much better on graphics. dont get me wrong, ps2 has great graphics, but the games ive played on xbox seem really nice nad better than ps2. the only reasons ps2 is so much better is because of the games. but now that i have seen splinter cell i will be picking up an xbox tomorrow at best buy, they got a great deal on them that i cant refuse. splinter cell here i come.

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    I think the GameCube has some awesome graphics. Has anyone seen Metroid Prime in action? The graphics are incredible. I will be getting one (the 'cube and prime) once the semester is over.
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    I know I've said this before but.... The reason you have seen better graphics on the XBox is because the games for the XBox have and are fully utilizing the XBox's potential to the max. This is because it uses a very well known and supported programming language. The Sony PS2 on the other hand has a very complex programming language that until very recently most developers were unable to use to fullest. If you compare some of the best games that are coming this next month or two for the PS2 you will see that the potential of the PS2 is being fully utilized and the graphics have surpassed that of the XBox.

    This is coming from gaming mags online and off. There reviews of upcoming games and there opinions of the graphics. I don't know why it took them until now 3 years later to fully utilize the PS2 but it did.

    I will admit I am biased having been one of the very first adopters of the PS2 having preordered it before it was out and picked it up just hours after becoming available. Also I am one the people that wouldn't buy anything from Microsoft even if they owned all the air on earth and it meant that I would suffocate.
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    Well I happen to like them both. I just happened to purchase an xbox and im loving it. splinter cell is probably one of the most fun games i have ver played. so much better than metal gear 2. metal gear was to linear and not enough things to do. now splinter cell is too linear but much more involved. as for supporting microsoft, why not. i buy a console to play games, not for the brand. ps2 is great, i got my final fantasy x, mgs2, and gta3 and vice on their. it is great. my xbox i got splinter cell and any other game i choose to purchase for it. ok now to microsoft, some people hate them, i dont. hell i am a die hard mac fan and my parent own an apple store and i will probably take it over before i get out of college. the only reason i have a pc is for games. i could get rid of windows and microsoft forever is most developers for games would even consider macs. all im saying is xbox isnt bad at all, go get a game like thps4 and put it on a ps2 and xbox and then tell me which one has better graphics. xbox has better hardware and graphics, but has ps2 has many more games that are big hits. these are the reasons i have both now.

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    no. look at the Xbox specs, then you wonder why its only running Halo at 640x480 at only 30fps, now remember this, Halo is using 4x FSAA, and EXTREME texture Compression and MANY other features the NV2X offers for making 640x480 games look nice.,
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    You're right about GameCube. I've liked what I've seen of it from the start. I just saw Metroid Prime an hour ago and I almost bought a GameCube right then. I have to be patient though. My parents are still looking for something to buy me for Christmas. :)
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    i've been blown away by the fluid effects that the gamecube can render. even on something like mario sunshine, if you pan out while he's swimming in the ocean, you could mistake it for real water.

    amen to that. as much as i want to, i would not buy halo when it comes out (even if my machine could run it) just on principle. to all of you pansies who say "stop bashing ms, they make good software", 1. you're wrong 2. it's the time-honored practice of a boycott, so get over it
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    Microsoft is the dark nuclear winter cloud that keeps the smaller software and hardware companies from flourishing!!

    Innovation does not come from the big huge company it comes from the competing masses.
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    Has anyone mentioned that Halo was originally a Mac game? I was just at the Xbox headquaters and I met a bunch of programmers.. ( Most of them are pissed at PS2 because of their huge audience right now, and that they have Vice City. But there are some sweet games in the works that I can't really talk about.

    Also, did you Nintendo fans know that Gamecube will be the last console by Nintendo? Sega has made so much more money by just making games that Nintendo is taking that road too. It's too expensive to make consoles.

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