Hampton Roads, VA

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by timb, Jun 14, 2008.

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    MacArthur Center Mall (Norfolk)

    I'll be attending.

    Last year the line started as soon as they opened; I'd advise being there no later than that.
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    I was there last year thats where I got my 1st gen iPhone but now I live in Las Vegas, NV so will be at the AT&T store here as Apple Store is to far to drive....
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    I'm going to be at the Williamsburg, VA AT&T store--not as exciting as being at an Apple Store, I know, but saves an hour or so drive to either Norfolk or Richmond.

    Edit: In case there are multiple stores in Williamsburg I am not aware of, I mean the one on Monticello next to the Blue Ridge Mountain Sports Store.
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    I'll be going to the AT&T store at Greenbrier. I am not an existing ATT member so I need to create an account, along with my family.

    So, I'm going pass on going to McArthur. Also, the line should be less at the ATT stores.

    Send me a PM if you will be going to Greenbrier.
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    I may actually end up at the AT&T store in Chesapeake Square Mall. Last year at 2 PM there were only 10 people lined up.

    I work nights, so I'm going to die trying to get to MacArthur early in the morning.
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    That would be my preference. I work only a mile or so from there, so it'd be super easy to swing by there. My buddy has his $100 iPhone credit still, so we'll probably end up at MacArthur. Blah. :)

    I was towards the tail-end of that line. Only took about 30 minutes from the time they reopened until the time I was heading out of the parking garage. If you really have to activate in the stores, not sure I'd be wanting to go at all on launch night. :eek:
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    I'm thinking about it. Have to check my work schedule.
  8. L3X
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    Any other peeps from Hampton Roads? Va Bch, Ches, Norfolk, etc?
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    I cant decide if i wanna go to the Apple store or just go to an ATT store:confused:. If I go ATT it will be either Greenbrier or Chesapeake Square.
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    Hey nate if they release the unsubsidized price can you save me a spot if you go to either AT&T at ches. sq. or macarthur? Christian from suffolk
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    Anyone in Newport News area?

    Anyone going to be in Newort News area? There is one AT&T store on Jefferson Avenue near exit/entrance of Rt. 64
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    I wasn't sure if I was going to go to AT&T or Apple, but now that Apple has confirmed they are opening at 8 a.m., I think I am going to Apple since it is closer for me.

    The mall opens at 7:30 for mall walkers, hopefully it stays the same Friday so there won't be long lines...unless dumb people decide to make lines in the parking garages or something!
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    I'll be at the Greenbrier AT&T. Any others?
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    im going to hopefully grab one in the morning. wait during the night and have my mom come buy it for me in the morning. (im paying but not 18) if thats not the case hopefully they'll have one left by 7pm
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    Think I'll be heading to Greenbriar or the one on VB Blvd. Maybe head out there an hour or two before opening. Maybe a little earlier. What time are you all planning to head out?
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    I'll be at Greenbrier by 6am or so.
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    NN or Williamsburg for iPhone 3G

    I'll be at the Newport News store. Not sure what time I'll be out there. It depends on if there is a line. I may head up to Williamsburg. Anyone going to the NN or Williamsburg stores? What time will you be out there?
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    I'll be at hilltop in VB at 7AM... Hopefully I won't be too far back in line!
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    MaCarthur Mall Line

    Anyone want to name the place to start the line at MaCarthur Mall?

    Apple won't name a door and the Mall Security office says all doors will be open at the same time.
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    I will be in NN ATT on Jefferson, look for Indian guy with mackbook pro+bottle of water n sitting in folding chair :) Hopefully there won't be long line already formed at 7AM...:eek:
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    I'm going to Macarthur Center Mall. :)

    By the way, I stopped by the AT&T store in Newport News this evening to "pre-qualify" for a new account. Gal behind the desk said that they would have to re-run the credit check tomorrow...I said "go-ahead", I'll take my chances. I told her that I was going to Norfolk for the phone and she thought I would have to go back there to activate it. :p Well, we'll see if the pre-qual works as advertised, and now I need to decide on white/black.

    Thanks for the info on the 07:30 door opening time. I aim to beat the tunnel traffic if I can so that I can get the phone and get back north in time for some work tomorrow.
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    Heading out to Ches. sq mall at 12pm see you guys later good luck
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    Is it the one in front of starbucks on the 2nd floor? does the parking garage open before the mall?
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    On the website under the "mall walkers" section it says the mall opens at 7:30 and to park in the North Garage and use the doors by the Kay Jewelers on the 1st floor...I'm guessing those will be the only doors that are unlocked then?

    I'm going to get there around 7:30....I'm supposed to be at work at 8:30 but at least I only work downtown right by the mall so hopefully it won't take too long!
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    Anyone do a spot check in mac Arthur mall? What time is evryone going to the mall u think?

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