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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by xheathen, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Hey all - recently bought my first mac and I just ripped / converted my first dvd. My main questions is: did I do it in a way that'll work for aTV or just plugging my mini into my TV? I don't own the aTV yet (but I'll be buying it soon as a birthday present to myself :p)

    Basically I ripped the DVD using Mac The Ripper, and then with Handbrake I converted it to m4v format at like 80% on the quality slider. I noticed there was an MKV format too.

    When I converted the file, it's about 3gb right now. When I view it the movie looks good, but I can actually see some of the "lossy" look - it's not really crisp in other words.

    I also saw some discussions about Plex being able to work on aTV when it's jailbroken. Plex I think plays MKV and if I'm not mistaken MKV is a better format, isnt it?

    So I'm just looking to see if I'm using correct method / file formats for the conversion to show up right on a 50" TV.
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    Just use the built in Apple TV preset in Handbrake. If you want to set the quality slider to anything, set it to 62%. It should never go higher than that, or you'll eat through disk space like there's no tomorrow.
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    ahhh sweet thanks - total noob blunder :) I was looking at it going "I don't see an apple TV format!" and then I looked on the right...
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    To get the resultant files to play on Apple TV, they'll need to be added to iTunes. I suggest a little free app called MetaX to edit all the meta data so the films/tv shows are sorted properly, have proper artwork etc.
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    I too just ordered and ATV2, and so now I'm tackling the grisly task of digitizing my DVD library. I ripped a few with Mac The Ripper, and I selected "Main Feature Only". But it still creates like 4 or 5 different movie files at around 1GB each. So now I don't know what to do with those files in Handbrake. If I convert one, it creates one separate file, how do I make them all into one movie?
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    I just dragged it into itunes and it seemed to add it correctly - is that not enough?

    If you open the whole directory in Handbrake, and choose whatever format you want, it'll spit out the file as one entity, so that part should be pretty seamless.
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    You don't even need to use mactheripper. You need 3 things:

    1. a DVD
    2. handbrake
    3. vlc (handbrake uses a library file from vlc)

    Just make sure that both handbrake and vlc programs are the same bitsize (both 64 bit or both 32 bit progams).

    Pop in the dvd, start handbrake and use the slideout menu on the right hand side of handbrake and select the correct canned apple friendly preset.
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    I tried that, and I'm sure it'll work, but it will take like 3 hours per DVD (according to the on screen estimate). I wanted to be able to rip the DVD's, then set a conversion queue in Handbrake and let it run over night to convert all the ripped DVD's that I've ripped that day.
    By comparison, Mac the ripper takes like 30-45 minutes to rip the data from the DVD, whereas Handbrake is ripping and converting, so it takes much longer. I don't want to have to babysit it.
    How do I do this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I see your point, handbrake has a queue function but it only works on files. So rip a bunch of dvds with mac the ripper. Then queue up the output files in handbrake (use the source button, then add to queue button). Before you push the start button on handbrake you can examine the queue and check that you have it set the way you want.
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    From A Buick 8

    You can do this, but it may not have the data, actors, directors etc... (known generically as metadata) you want or a cover you like.

    I use Identify2 to accomplish this, but everyone has a favorite, point is these programs make getting that data easy.

    My work flow has been.

    MTR (mac the ripper) or Ripit to get the movie off of the DVD.
    I do about 5 at a time (that is about all i can do in an evening).

    Use Handbrake to encode into an iTunes friendly format.
    I use the que in handbrake and load the 5 into it (about all HB can do over night). Use a nightly build of HB and use the High-Profile preset.

    I then use Identify2 to add the metadata (edit as needed) and then let it run to add the files to iTunes.
    Again I batch 5 at a time (that is about all i can do before i leave the house in the morning).
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    Just wondering why high profile is better than the Apple TV preset. Thanks :)

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