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Handbrake - iPhone 5 Format

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Adutrumque, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Iam not really sure if this is the right section but how do I use handbrake.fr
    to make videos fit my iPhone 5.

    The program wont allow me to make changes to the parameters.

    I want to convert avi files to fit 640x1136

    Thanks in advance.
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    What's in the AVI? Generally, they're standard definition MS-MPEG4 or xvid / divx stuff that you in no way want to upsize (AVI was the main format back in the SD days but no longer now, in the HD one). As software playback of SD videos doesn't tax the CPU much (as opposed to HD or Full HD), you may not want to convert it at all but use a player capable of supporting the video format inside; for example, GoodPlayer.

    Please post a screenshot of MediaInfo showing the AVI info so that I can point you to the most efficient solution. (Again, all depends on the video format inside.)
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    Okilidokili - here comes

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    Yup, 640*360 and (most probably) XviD. All depends on whether you want to use a third-party app to play it back. If you don't, just use HandBrake to reencode it into H.264 (the default parameters will do). If you do, get for example GoodPlayer, which plays these SD videos just fine and has a lot of features. The following version will also have iPhone 5 support.
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    What? So ure saying pic frame 640x360 will work good on the iP5?
    I thought it needed 640x1136
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    It'll automatically upscale the video to full screen - actually, very few video player apps let for playing back the video at their original size (this is why I've written a full HD video player that doesn't use scaling and, therefore, offers the best visual quality possible).
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    So Ill use iPhone 4 Preset?
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    Basically, the default "Normal" will do fine - it won't resize the video, "only" make it much better compressed and iOS-native.
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    Are you doing it this way or do you have anything else in store cause I want the best quality and the best optimization in terms for battery performance I can get.
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    1. Basically, the H.264 hardware decoder uses the same power to decompress all kinds of footage. I've done some serious battery life tests (I've even written several articles of this stuff) and found out that the encoding parameters have little (if any) effect on the battery life.

    2. you can safely use the "High Profile" encoding as well - the footage will be of better quality but the transcoding will take a lot more time.
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    Okay, thanks for the response. I will check this out. If I have any problems I will be here, replying :D
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    Run it for the 720P AppleTV 2.

    720p is close enough to iPhone 5 resolution and same aspect ratio
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    Hi Menneisyys2 - do you mind pointing me to the articles you wrote?


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    Do this

    Open Handbrake, open the file in it, click on the iPhone 4 preset, under the resolution box, set the "anamorphic" to none. Voila! You now can change the resolution. But as it has been said by others, changing the resolution isn't necessary. Now, go to the video tab, make sure that video codec is h.264, framerate is same as source and enter the average bitrate as 750 cuz the input file has similar bitrate. For high quality(but slow encode), select two pass encoding. This means that in the first pass, it will see where high bitrate is required and where low and in the second pass will adjust the bitrate optimally. Go to the audio tab and select the bitrate as 112 kbps. There you go. Now press start and enjoy!:apple:
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    I converted some files using Handbrake's iPad settings (only thing I changed was boosting the quality by moving the main slider all the way to the right). Then I put them in DCIM/100DICAM/... folders with the name format xxx_####.m4v and they imported to my iPad, however they will not play. Is this a Handbrake conversion issue?
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    Why don't you jailbreak and use symlinks for direct video access (see http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1464236 for a tutorial)? It's so much better and easier...
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    The iPhone 4S/5 support h.264 High Profile 4.1. So I think making a custom preset with the following settings is best:
    1. Select the "High Profile" preset
    2. Use the frame rate drop-down and select 30 (which should automatically select VFR)
    3. Click on the audio tab and make sure there's only one track (the audio settings should match the "iPhone & iPod Touch" preset)
    4. Click the + button on the preset slide-out. Name it iPhone 5 and put in a resolution of 1136x640

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