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Handbrake Question

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Nekkid Fish, Jan 24, 2007.

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    I followed the directions listed here in the sticky, and it says to wait until you get a "Done".

    I ran handbrake, went outside, and came in just to see how/what it was doing ... and there is no "Done", but the "Rip" button is there (just like when I started), and there's a mp4 file on my desktop.

    Is there a chance it is done, and I just didn't get a "Done"?

    Thanks bunches! Jules
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    This is where you have to wait. I'm not exactly sure what it is doing but if you go and "get info" on that movie file, then try again a few seconds later, it will be larger. Handbrake is doing something to the file, you have to wait until it says "done".
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    Okie dokie! Will do!

    It was seeing that 'rip' button there that threw me. :cool:

    HUGz! Jules
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    It's usually encoding the audio when it says 100% and not done.

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