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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by bbadalucco, Aug 14, 2009.

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    I like using Handbrake SVN 2592 becuase it seems faster with my Octo Mac Pro but I can't figure out how to adjust the picture settings? I'm converting blu ray rips and I want to keep the aspect ratio. On version 0.9.3 I just click picture settings but can't seem to find that on this version?

    Any ideas?
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    To the right of "Show Queue" there is a button that says "Picture Settings". Then just change Anamorphic to none. After that you should be able to adjust the width and height.

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    Thats the thing, I swear when I downloaded it the first time those options were there...now I don't get that though??? I just downloaded SVN 2592 from the "Blu Ray to Apple TV Thread"

    This is what I get?
    Ok, I have no idea how to post a picture...but to the right (way right) is Activity Windows and Toggle Presets...also there isn't a picture settings option at the bottom either.
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    Try going to Window > Picture Settings or Shift + Command + P
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    BOOM! I used Shirt Command P and it worked. Thanks I appreicate it. I wonder why it doesn't just show the icon?
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    Try blowing away your HandBrake and compile the latest SVN from source.
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    Thanks not sure what you mean exactly. I did delete my old version and reinstall the referenced SVN in the first post but get the same issue, it works with the shift cmd p deal though, just not sure why it isnt showing up on the gui
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    If you mess with releases of HandBrake that aren't the officially released binaries, then you typically compile the binary yourself from the original source code.

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