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HandBrake trouble

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by BlakeBrattina, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm not sure if anyone would be able to help, I'd be surprised if there wasn't any great advice. I've been toying with HandBrake trying to both convert DVD's to a quality format on my MBP, and also a few downloaded films (shhh). Each time I do this, I can't get a great quality out of them, and even with the d/l items they come up extremely blurry.

    I suppose the question would be, what are the best settings for converting DVD's, etc. in order to have a near HD or 720p quality?:apple:
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    Not sure what format you want to get, personally I use the Apple TV2 setting presents and the videos come out into 720p mode (if the DVD supports it).
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    Currently trying again. I will update after it comes out.
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    I am curious... how long does it take for your MBP to convert a DVD/movie with Apple TV2 settings?

    It will take forever on my MBA. :p
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    Mine started at 35 minutes, a downloaded file however. I have seen some of my attempts from DVD format go up to an hour, but then again, I never ended up keeping them and was clearly not doing something properly, so that could have an alternate effect.
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    So it is finished, came out to a decent quality, not the greatest, at least there is no pixelation issues. A few questions though for when you convert to ATV2, do you have to change the Codec or frame rate for anything or should you just assume it's set to do the best possible conversion?
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    I use the Universal preset, I click it and don't change a thing. Shows come out looking awesome on my iP4S and iPad... Even still decent on my 50" TV running on a ATV 1 as well...
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    Well, remember that it can't come out any better than the source material. The aTV2 setting is very good. You can get better quality (on SD sources) by decreasing the Constant Quality setting to 19.25 or 19. It won't get much noticeably better below that, in my experience, but will be virtually indistinguishable from the source.

    When converting video source material, as opposed to film source, you probably need to correct for interlacing. The best way to do this is to check the Detelecine and Decomb options (NOT the Deinterlace option). This will show a dramatic improvement for this type of material.
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    I use the normal setting and have no issues using on my iPad or apple tv 2. Its quality is great. A 2hour movie will take no more than 90 minutes on my MBP to digitalize.

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