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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aaronthomas, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Hey all... so i ripped some of my dvds and im having a issue with the volume.... not so much the back ground noise but with the dialogue. Im using the ipod hi-rez preset with aac+ac3 audio and 160kbps audio... anybody have any ideas what i could do to boost up the voices... Thanks
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    Well, the only way to modify the volume of your aac track (which is the one you hear on your ipod) is http://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/DynRangeCompression

    Note, It's controlled in the Audio Tab of course and has no effect on the ac3 track, just the aac track.
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    Thanks Dynaflash.... but im still confused.... Should i just use the aac audio or can i still use the aac +ac3 audio and change the dynamic range compression. Im using my ipod to watch on my tv if that helps.
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    Well, you can certainly bump up the dynamic range and see if you like it better. Its fine to use with aac+ac3 as it won't touch the ac3 track and only gets applied to the aac track (which of course is all your using with your ipod). I recommend testing a chapter that you don't like the sound on and see how you like a few different settings.

    One note: Beware that just like subs, this is hardcoded into your movie, in other words there is no way to turn it off once you've encoded it.
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    Ok... ill give it a shot! Last question will bumping up the bitrate in audio quality to 160 help as well? Dynaflash thanks so much!
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    Um, for dpl2 I recommend it. However in your OP you said thats what you're already using <confused>. At any rate, yes I would use 160 kbps for your aac audio bitrate.
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    Yeah... just wanted to make sure it was the right thing.... Thanks again for your help!

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