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Discussion in 'Community' started by Porshuh944turbo, Jun 13, 2003.

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    I've been thinking about getting a handgun to have, not carry, at the house. I'm not really sure what to get.. I was thinking a GLock 23, but also thinking about Ruger. - any gun types here?
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    Planning on shooting someone?
    Just asking.. :D :D
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    If you're planning on using it for home defense it would probably be better to get a shotgun. Quite a bit more intimidating. Most perps will run when they hear you chamber a shell.
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    hey, you're from texas...can't you get a rocket launcher there for home protection?;)
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    There's a boatload of good choices out there. I'm a fan of Glock, personally. Lightweight, easy to grip, and, in the smaller calibers (such as the 9mm Glock 17), very accurate right outta the box.

    Your BEST bet would be to find a reputable gun shop in your area and layout your needs with someone there. Let 'em know how much you'd like to spend, get your hand around something, inquire about the gun's reputation, etc.

    These days my home protection is a Mossberg Persuader 590 -- the all black, milspec edition. A beauty -- and it makes that sweet internationally-known sound: "chink-chink".


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    whatever you do, don't show this thread to mischief;)
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    Who's mischief?
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    he is the most heavily armed member of macrumors...from waaay back

    his weapon of choice....the pie

    his special forces team...clowns:D :D :D
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    i take it you did a search and came across one of his pie threads
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    Five days? But I'm angry NOW!
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    They won't let us play with anything dangerous here in the UK, last time I looked it was illegal to run with scissors:mad: :mad:

    I've shot lots of stuf here, my ex-brother-in-law is a Royal Marines weapons instructor in Portsmouth, bot lots of lovely guns down there:D

    Kyle?'s right though, get a good shotgun, but get one with a proper stock, not one of those pistol grip pumps, they bloody hurt your hand when you use them.
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    I'm not anti-gun at all. I have several for hunting and target practice and enjoy using them. However, statistics show the best way to save your life during an intruder is to call 911 and then leave your house. It take time to get your gun, load it and then "find" the person in your house to shoot them.

    Also, the safety issue of a heated argument, your kids or other children finding a loaded gun in your house outweighs the possibility of defending your home. The best way to defend your home is an alarm system. When an intruder enters your house and sets off the alarm they will almost always immediately leave. If they don't leave immediately, they do not stay long.

    If you want a gun to defend your home get a semi-auto shotgun. Make sure you turn on a light so when the intruder is near, you can see who it is. It'd be a pity to shoot your daughter's boyfriend (or maybe it wouldn't).
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    I'm a fan of the shotgun with one of those lights on the end you can trigger with your finger/thumb. Good for getting an id on your target and freezing them like a deer in headlights before you actually have to shoot. Plus you've got a lot more stopping power than with a handgun, unless you are planning on going with a .45 or something. I'd go shooting at a good, reputable gun store/range with a variety of different guns first though. Find out which one you feel most comfortable with.

    Edit: And for gods sake, lock it up if there are kids around!
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    I'd love to see some statistics showing just how many householders over there have successfully defended themselves/their families/their houses by using a gun, against how many have shot family members/daughter's boyfriends/the dog - or encouraged the intruder to shoot.
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    Sun Baked

    Yes, but somehow these people always ended up with pie on their own face...

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    I've got to back up the shotgun suggestion for home defense. The best thing to do, though, is never allow the situation to get to the point where you'd need to shoot - home alarm, dog, good locks, etc.

    And be sure to know safe storage/use tips.
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    Only buy a gun if you are planning on killing something that is currently alive, that is the only purpose of firearms.
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    The only people who need handguns are cops and armored car drivers (and other high risk jobs).

    The shotgun's a good idea; you could keep a rifle though too as they're more practical for other uses. Either one's good for more than just home defense -- my grandpa used to have a farm and his rifle was used for shooting the skunks that he trapped (so they wouldn't burrow into his well and drown and stink up the water).

    A gun is a tool, and just as there are very few jobs where you need a Torx wrench, there are just as few where the best choice for the job is a handgun. It's more likely to be stolen and used by thugs than it is to ever protect your property.

    I think there's a statistic out there where handguns are only used on the intruder in something like 2% of break-ins. More often, it's stolen during the break-in. And handguns are more likely to kill the homeowner or a family member than they are to kill an intruder.
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    No, that's a handgun. Other guns are versatile and can be used for many useful tasks (or target practice), especially if you own some decent acreage.
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    if i can't protect myself with mischief's pie brigade, i would hire the most talented woman in the world to protect me
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    Get a dog.

    Or just lock your doors.

    Very few people live in an area where it even matters whether or not the doors are locked.
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    Ahh, but when you need a torx wrench, there is absolutely nothing else that will do the job.
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    Planning on getting a gun for home protection? Hmmmmmm... I have an idea:

    How 'bout you don't.
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    Hey, lay off the skunks, man! :(

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