Handicapping the 12th

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 11, 2005.

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  2. jsw
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    I'm upset that my guess for most likely announcement - iBook socks - was completely neglected. Although, given the different dimensions, they might be called iBook hats, or pants, or, well, some other clothing item. But they're coming.
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    I for one use my airport for music streaming and printing and it's brilliant. I like the tech and the mrs likes the lack of wires - everyone's a winner.

    Count me in for those socks, a sock for my 12" powerbook would be cool but i think that the little lady would rather there was an iHandbag announcement. Curiously Orla Kieley (sp) has an apple logo, perhaps there could be a tie in.
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    I wish they had handicapped iBook socks. At least that would have been something to set this article apart from the 25 other articles I've seen in the past week wwith virtually the same content.

    move along. nothing to see here. :rolleyes:
  5. jsw
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    You're missing the significance of this. The fact that they haven't handicapped iBook socks means that it's the only real possibility with the new even-tighter-against-leaks Apple.

    iBook Socks. Or Hats. Or... Pants. Whatever. You heard it here first.

    *** goes off to open cease-and-desist letter from Apple that just popped up in email ***

    Er, I was just kidding, folks. I mean, come on, iBook Socks? Silly idea. And iBook carriers that mimic the baby sling-style carriers which also have a pocket for various iPods? That'd just be insane. Forget I said anything about it....
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    iBook diapers, I think.
  7. jsw
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    No, those are for the new Baby iDoll, which drinks, wets, makes gaga sounds, and does H.264-based iChat via built-in iSight eyes, microphone ears, and Teletubby-like video screen built into her belly.

    Runs Tiger, although the marketing literature refers to it as "OS kitty-cat"
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    Well, they did have an iPod jacket. iBook jacket? That would be cool. I guess.
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    I'd buy them :rolleyes:
  10. iDM
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    I really really want an Airport Express AV, one question though how would this compete with TiVo, in reproducing movies, shows or video. I mean as i understand it TiVo records the digital content played on your digital or cable box, but to compete wouldn't you have to have those same programs streamed to the AE A/V, from your laptop? I mean unless of course the AE A/V had a harddrive which could then play this stuff(iHome, iMedia kinda thing which is a whole nother can of rumor worms). I just don't think it would "compete" with TiVo because it can only play media that you have made or are allowed to stream from a website(you could not play movies that you have downloaded because that would be copyright infringement, which I would never and have never done, ever, seriously). You could play DVD's from your comp, but again that is not competeing with TiVo. The only thing I can assume they mean is this will become an entrance straetgy to getting Apple into the Home Entertainment Market.

    Does any of that make sense??
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    I wonder why they didn't handicap the possibility that Apple will come up with something entirely new, that the rumour sites haven't gotten wind of. Apple is an innovative company, so we shouldn't rule out a brand new device.
  12. sjk
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    Seems likely it could compete more directly with EyeTV/EyeHome than TiVo.

    I'm wondering why Elgato has been consistently updating EyeTV while essentially ignoring EyeHome (which is begging for updates) for the past year or so. And EyeHome has dropped to $99, with a $100 rebate. My hunch is they're preparing for a hardware upgrade or they know Apple plans to introduce something similar that they don't intend to compete with. And EyeConnect could be a factor in this but I'm not familiar enough with it to speculate.

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