Handwriting + JPG export to Evernote + overwrite?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by onepoint, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Aug 3, 2010
    Good afternoon all -- Testdriving handwriting apps for iPad has been consuming my life lately. I'm trying to find an app that includes a few essentials:

    (1) decent inking capability, must have a "zoom" feature (palm blocking hasn't proven consistently effective in any app I've tried)
    (2) ability to send notes to Evernote in JPG format (in order to use Evernote's OCR service in deciphering/indexing handwriting, and making it searchable much like OneNote -- PDF format results in sub-par recognition of handwriting, as per Evernote's own acknowledgment)
    (3) when exporting to Evernote, the JPG note must be able to overwrite an existing note of the same name -- the only app I have found that includes this capability thus far is Penultimate, which unfortunately does note have a zoom feature

    The overwrite function is critical as I keep an ongoing "tablet" for different subjects (e.g., "Voicemail"), and need the JPG export to overwrite the previous Voicemail note that may have been exported to Evernote the previous day, week, etc. Otherwise I'll have 100 notes of each title building up and upkeep will be tedious, at best.

    Again, my only choice thus far has been Penultimate. While I don't necessarily hate the app, I am really not happy with the palm blocking nor am I a fan of having only 10-12 lines fit on a page that seems half as wide as I would be able to fill in an app like, say, Notability (which has a good zoom feature).

    Does anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated!
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    Aug 3, 2010
    Bump for any/all handwriting app suggestions that may come close to what I'm looking for, thank you!
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