Happy 24th of July!

Discussion in 'Community' started by P-Worm, Jul 24, 2004.

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    Today we Utah celebrates all of the hard work the pioneers made to settle where I call home. A lot of sacrifices are made and today is where we can show are gratitude.

    Just wanted to inform you people in the western part of the US, today is a holiday!

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    I don't know this holiday. Do we get cake and ice cream?

    How 'bout giving us a link so we can learn a little history about it?
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    Nope, there's parades, more legal July fireworks, maybe a dance in the evening, and general summer festivities. It's an official state holiday in Utah. It's an unofficial holiday for Mormons throughout the West, particularly those with pioneer ancestry.

    Interesting fact: When Pres. James Buchanan — widely regarded by historians as one of the worst U.S. presidents — decided to drum up popularity by launching a costly police action against the Mormons in Utah several years after they began settling there, three Mormon mail carriers, including Orrin Porter Rockwell, who is something of a dubious Mormon folk hero (more rascal than hero, but he had his good side), caught wind of the plan while a federal force was still being assembled in Kansas and raced West to warn the Saints. The first to arrive tore into Salt Lake City on July 24, only to find all the homes empty. They thought they were too late and the Saints had been driven off or massacred. But then they heard a sound coming from from one of the canyons east of the city and rode up there to find all of the Saints gathered there, celebrating Pioneer Day. Brigham Young decided not to tell the people until the evening, allowing them enjoy their holiday. Then he held an impromptu council of war on the spot, and the Saints began preparations for the "Utah War," which ended in a stalemate a couple years later.
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    Thanks Awimoway, I tried to find a link myself, but came up with just activities planned for the day. I would have said more, but I had to rush out the door.

    Yup, there's fireworks, and I think it will be the perfect ending to my hot date tonight. ;)

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    Thanks for the link. I have read about Pioneer Day, but didn't remember when it was.

    The Paul Revere of Utah history! Great story. I never read that one before.
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    Holidays in the US are a good thing! It means i have to do less work at the office :)

    But it really sucks having to work on Canadian holidays.

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