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Happy Anniversary ibookin' and übergeek!

Discussion in 'Community' started by Doctor Q, Jan 9, 2004.

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    Doctor Q

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    January 10, 2004 is the one-year anniversary of our favorite MacRumors couple.

    :) :) Happy First Anniversary, ibookin' and übergeek! :) :)
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    You shouldn't have. Your really shouldn't have.

    Just kidding. Thanks for posting this thread. Glad to see someone remembered (besides Jane and myself, of course).
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    thanks :D
    didnt even know you knew about it :D
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    Y'all gunna do anything to celebrate?

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    wow...happy anniversay then... ;)
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    notch one up on thechalk board:D

    Well doen hope, all is well.
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    Congratulations...Most couples seem as if the cant even pass the 2 months barrier, im glad to hear that yours is doing so good...:)

    I think their celebration is gonna be special...;)
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    yes, indeed, happy anniversary!
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    Happy First Anniversary, ibookin' and übergeek, may you have many more. I wish you all the best. My prayer is that you parents have become more accepting of your relationship. I'm sure that they only want what is best. Hopefully you will have a long lasting relationship like me. As a professor of ministry said, "it's best to hold off on the intimate physical realtionship, the anticipation of waiting till marriage is what will bring true love for a long happy marriage." The pastor that I work for just told me this on Wednesday.

    You really have a great memory Doctor Q.
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    you also have a very good memory of the status of their relationship, wdlove.
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    I trully pray that they will come back to read my post. It would even be better if they would except the advice of a knowledgeable professor. The Pastor said she plans to use it in her counseling, thought is was great advice.
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    It is very good advice, I agree, especially for those as young as übergeek and ibookin'.
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    so have you guys kissed or are you two still working on that, oh wait that was the 6 month marker :D. so what happens at a year?
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    Yes we have. :D

    Anyway, thank you all for the kind sentiments. I especially appreciate the advice of wdlove. While I can't say what will happen in the not-so-far-but-kind-of future, both übergeek and I agree that, because of our age, it is definitely best to hold off on the "intimate physical realtionship".

    applemacdude: Absolutely. We went out to dinner. Had soufflé too. :D
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    Congratulations! Your relationship is now longer than all of J.Lo's marrigaes combined. Although, thats not saying much.:rolleyes:
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    Being a relative newbie here at the boards, can someone give me the whole backstory here?

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    One yaer: now you know that you've outlasted 90% of all celebrity relationships! Congratulations!

    Happy one year.
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    übergeek (im on a mac finally, I can make ü's again! :D) and iBookin hooked up a year ago.

    Umm yeah, that's quite a back story, isnt it? :)

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    hmm...alright here's the story. ibookin' (josh) and I (jane) got together after like 6 years of knowing each other, the day we came back from Macworld SF 2003 (which was 10 January 2003). So ever since then...ya know...we've been in a relationship with each other. A little over a year now, which is really cool because a lot of relationships don't last that long. I guess we'll be able to say that we truly love each other or something when we're still together after at least three to four years. If I remember correctly, that's when relationships and marriages start faltering and love for each other lessens, and that stuff. Apparently quite a few marriages end up in divorce (and people break up) at around that time if the two peeps are still together at that point.
    My parents just recently (like...on the 10th lol) figured out that we were in a relationship and they don't mind, because all they care about are my grades (decent, 5 As and one B, although they did yell at me for that B). They're actually pretty relieved, because they expected me to be in a relationship with a total jerk that they don't know. They know Josh and trust him, so I don't think they mind.
    One thing they don't quite approve of is a relationship at our age, but hell what do you expect from two teens lol. (i'm almost 15 and josh just turned 16)

    I am really really glad I'm not in school right now, because people tease me about it really often. Like they call me "Jane Cain" and stuff like that.

    For those of you who don't know what we look like (or are too lazy to look it up in the MR photo directory)-a recent pic of us: http://homepage.mac.com/jane_lee/images/citywalk.jpg (josh looks horrid, but oh well lol)
    Here's a better one, but its not so recent.
    http://homepage.mac.com/jane_lee/images/Picture 1.jpg

    As to the "did we kiss" question, yeah we did that a LONG LONG time ago :). I guess you could say we're at third base right now (and for those of you who don't know, trust me you don't wanna know). Our relationship's still going strong. Yeah. I think i'm gonna stop ranting. I'm typing this on a PC in one of the computer labs. Stupid piece of ****e is running win2k, but badly. iirc, these computers are at least 5 years old. Gross. I miss having my iBook with me, but there's no wifi here and it's broken.

    the souffle was excellent. so was the grilled salmon. so was josh. mmm

    Thanks guys :D i'm still in shock at the fact that people actually *remember* stuff like this.
    Thanks to wdlove as well, for his excellent posts. And everyone else too.
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    Excellent post übergeek. Happy to hear about your parents. Still remember your thread last summer. I thought that you time, they would approve. All good things work out in time. I just hope that you will take my posts to heart, they are practical advice. All I really want is for you to be happy, a nice long enjoyable life together.
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    thanks :D

    i'm hoping it'll last long too.

    even if my parents disapproved they can't say anything anyway...cuz they came to the US to get married because my mom's parents didnt approve of my dad :p they know if i truly want to get married or something i'll do the same they did...
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    Doctor Q

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    I can't count the number of plays, movies, and books I can think of where a major part of the story is that the parents didn't approve of the boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/spouse. Romeo & Juliet, West Side Story, Flower Drum Song, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?, Meet the Parents, and on and on.

    In the movies, the kids almost always know best and the parents are always wrong. In real life, parents and kids are both taking their best guess, and nobody knows except in hindsight when its really a perfect match.

    Just my opinion, but I think a lot of what makes a good couple is having shared experiences, and that the longer you are together, the more shared experiences that produces. Therefore, there is an acceleration effect.
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    Wow! Nice grades. I think I have lowered my standards a bit. I got two B's two C's and a D, but I got an A in gym! Actually....no, that was an A-.
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    Doctor Q

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    I've had As, Bs, and Cs over the years. My favorite report card was one semester in elementary school, when I got 15 As and a C. The C was in handwriting, and I haven't improved in this area since then.
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    Yeah, there are some people that have bad hand writing....myself inlcuded. The only D I got though was in Latin, so I have an excuse for getting a bad grade.

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