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happy birthday cleo!

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by janey, Jun 2, 2003.

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    i promise this is my last birthday thread :p

    happy birthday cleo! you're turning 23 today aren't you? btw, i love your blog :)
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    Come on, cleo. Feel great today. :cool:
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    Happy 23rd B-Day cleo. I hope that you will have many more to come!
  4. arn
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    Staff Member

    haven't seen cleo in a while...

    Cleo - you out there?

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    Re: happy birthday cleo!


    Arn can we set a standard: PM or Thread?

    If it is thread then I was utterly screwed for my b-day. :rolleyes:
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    Re: Re: happy birthday cleo!

    PM for n00bs and losers like us, thread for "senior" members.
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    happy b day cleo:)
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    I have a question here...

    how many people here actually "know" cleo?
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    Re: Re: Re: happy birthday cleo!

    Yeah, go to hell.

    (If any of you are confused, sorry its an insider joke thing)
    Senior, my foot!
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    MrMacman, your post speaks for itself.

    No, I have not met cleo in person, but I do visit her blogs every so often.
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    Well, in case you come by and happen to see any of this foolishness, I hope you had a great birthday and are doing great, cleo. :)
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    what, like in the biblical sense of the word "know?"
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    happy birthday, though you probably won't read this thread......
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    Re: Re: Re: happy birthday cleo!

    hehe how about threads for all the demigods, demigoddesses and gods and the senior members, then PM's and stuff for other people.
    Or perhaps we could just start one big birthday thread.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: happy birthday cleo!

    the only problem with an official birthday thread is that the people you are honoring would have to check it or get PMed to know about it. takes away that special feeling from seeing a thread just for you on your b-day, which a number members on here definitely deserve, IMO.

    but other than that, one big thread would be convenient. for some, i think a PM just isn't enough.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: happy birthday cleo!

    of course, even if we have one big b-day thread, we'll still have to start a new thread for king cobra's b-day which is coming up :p not to mention at least 50 other people who deserve special recognition (i.e. vniow, you, arn, mr. anderson, etc.)
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    When I started here back in August she was posting a quite a bit but went away soon after that. That should give you a timeline of who knows here and who doesn't.

    Happy Birthday wherever you are.
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    heh, i doubt he meant it like that. :)

    anyways, i didn't really know cleo, but i was around for some of her later posts, and i remember when she won the avatar contest. happy birthday cleo. :)
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    I was more curious than anything since über started this thread & I didn't think she was even around when cleo was active.

    I just found it interesting that's all... ;)
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    Your right. I doubt über ever saw any of Cleos posts at all. I had a few good talks with her when the weather was really bad where she was.
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    she may have. i know i have seen a few of cleo's posts, but i didn't know her at all. never interacted with her on the forums for sure.

    eye-yeah i was just messing around.
  22. Administrator

    Doctor Q

    Staff Member

    Cleo's last post was a month ago. She certainly hasn't been posting here as much as she was previously. But her online journal had this to say today:
    I guess she doesn't mean us. :(
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    was this during the huricane season by chance?
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    Sure was. Wasn't she in Louisiana?
  25. job
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: happy birthday cleo!

    My birthday is on June 27th.

    Whee....end of WWDC... :D
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